The Media Is Derelict

We call media “the news” because that’s what they are supposed to report.  We don’t expect perfection in reporting, and the media routinely meets our expectations.

What we don’t expect and should not have to abide is a media that lies to us routinely.  That has the potential to destroy the nation that we love.  A falsely informed public can make devastating decisions based on false reporting.

Sadly that is the present state of affairs.  The media are trying their best to convince the public that Romney has lost and Obama has won.  Even some Republicans are convinced of it.  And the election is more than a month away!

There are some who point back to the halcyon days of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow as a time of honest reporting, but those men were just as biased as the ones who “report” today.  They hid it well, but the bias was there nonetheless.

Even Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America”, had his moments.

The “Cronkite Moment” occurred February 27, 1968, when CBS News Anchor Walter Cronkite declared on air that the U.S. war effort in Vietnam was mired in stalemate and suggested negotiations as a way to extricate the country from the conflict.

Those are words a true journalist should never speak.  The myth surrounding that moment animates “journalism” to this day.  It speaks volumes about our media that they revere the very moment when Cronkite’s “objective journalist” mask came off.

Today’s “reporters” pale in comparison.  Their bias is so obvious it cannot be denied.  Yet their impact on the nation is nearly as devastating as Cronkite’s was.

Garnette's a rebel

At some point in time, I heard that way back in time newspapers’ names would be based on what party or political stance they were associated with. This allowed the readers to decide to buy the paper associated with their party.

Sadly, now (or until it became so blatant) we had no idea that we were not having news reported but getting a biased commentary from someone who claims to be a reporter. What I think gets me the most is that there are some who believe that whatever is being reported is unbiased and fact based when most news should all be considered editorial page content.


There are still some of those newspapers; e.g. the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Little Rock, Arkansas and the Republican-American in New Haven, Connecticut. Note that the names don’t necessarily reflect their political predilections any more.

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