Transcript of Zimmerman’s Non-Emergency Call, 2/26/2012

This is a transcript of the 2/26 non-emergency number call made by George Zimmerman.  This is a raw transcript with times.  This one is annotated with my judgment of sounds made during the call.  This is the audio of the call.  The reason I made two transcripts is so you can make your own judgments by listening to the audio while following each transcript.

Update: I’ve uploaded a new version and replaced the old one in this post with the updated version.  I made some changes to the sounds.  After listening to the sounds 10 or 20 times and reviewing the interviews, I think there are only four gear selector sounds.  They have a distinct “chunk chunk” sound to them.  The other two sounds do not.  Also, I had one sound occurring at 1:10 when it should have been 1:20.  That error has been corrected.

Update2: Here’s the audio: George-Zimmerman-Treyvon-Martin-911-Call

Update3: After listening to the tape numerous times, I have added a lot more sounds.  I think I’ve also identified some of the sounds as windshield wipers timed at 15 second intervals.  The link has been updated again.

Update4:Once again I have updated the transcript.  Each time I listen to it I question myself about the identification of sounds.  Thanks to Jeralyn at, I was able to watch a video of a Honda Ridgeline (the truck that Zimmerman drove) and hear some of the sounds that show up on the tape.  So, I’ve updated this post as well as the pdf download.

0:00 Dispatcher: Sanford Police Department.  This line is being recorded.  This is Sean.

0:01 (sound of windshield wipers)

0:05 Zimmerman: Hey, we’ve had some breakins in my neighborhood., and there’s a real suspicious guy, ah, it’s Retreat View Circle,.  Um, the best address I can give you is 111 Retreat View Circle.  This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or sumpin.  It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking about.

0:11 (sound of door lock?)

0:16 (sound of windshield wipers)

0:25 Dispatcher: OK.  And this guy, is he white, black or Hispanic?

0:29 Zimmerman: He looks black.

0:30 Dispatcher: Did you see what he was wearing?

0:31 (sound of windshield wipers)

0:33 Zimmerman: Yeah, a, a dark hoodie, like a grey hoodie and either jeans or sweatpants and white tennis shoes.  He’s here now and he’s just staring,

0:44Dispatcher: OK, he’s just walking around the area?

0:46 Zimmerman: looking at all the houses.

0:46 (sound of windshield wipers)

0:47 Dispatcher: OK.

0:48 Zimmerman: And now he’s just staring at me.

0:49 Dispatcher: OK.  It’s just it’s 1 1 1 1  Retreat View?  Or 111?

0:53 Zimmerman: That’s the, that’s the clubhouse (unintelligible)

0:55 Dispatcher: That’s the clubhouse.

0:56 Zimmerman: (unintelligible)

0:57 Dispatcher: Do you know what the…he’s near the clubhouse right now?

0:58 Zimmerman: Yeah.  Now he’s comin towards me.

1:00 Dispatcher: OK.

1:01 (sound of windshield wipers, gear selector)

1:03 Zimmerman: He’s got his hand in his waistband.

1:05 (sound of a ding)

1:06 (sound of window rolling up?)

Zimmerman: And he’s a black male.

1:09 (sound of gear selector)

1:10 Dispatcher: OK.  How old would you say he

1:11 Zimmerman: He’s got

1:12 Dispatcher: looks?

1:13 Zimmerman: a button on his shirt.  Late teens.

1:14 Dispatcher: Late teens.  OK.

1:16 Zimmerman: Um hum.

1:16 (sound of windshield wipers)

1:17 Zimmerman: Sumpin’s wrong with him.

1:19 (sound like a thump noise)

1:21 Zimmerman: Yup.  He’s comin’ to check me out. He’s got sumpin in his hands.  I don’t know what his deal is.

1:27 Dispatcher: OK, just let me know

1:28 Zimmerman: Please get an officer

1:29 Dispatcher: if he does anything…1

1:30 Zimmerman: over here.

1:31 (sound of windshield wipers)

1:32 Dispatcher: Yeah, we got em on the way.  Just let me know if this guy does anything else.

1:34 Zimmerman: OK.  These assholes, they always get away.

1:38 (sound of gear selector)

1:40 (sound of gear selector)

1:44 Zimmerman: Yup.  When you come to the clubhouse, you come straight in and make a left.  Actually you would go past the clubhouse.

1:46 (sound of windshield wipers)

1:54 Dispatcher: OK, so it’s on the left hand side from the clubhouse.

1:54 (sound of windshield wipers)

1:58 Zimmerman: No, you go in straight through the entrance and then you’d make a left.  Uh, yeah, you go straight in, don’t turn and make a left.  Shit, he’s running.

2:08 Dispatcher: He’s running?  Which way is he running?

2:10 (door opens, sound of door alarm)

2:10 Zimmerman: Ah, down towards the, ah, other entrance of the neighborhood.

2:14 (door closes)

2:14 Dispatcher: OK.  Which entrance is that that he’s heading towards?

2:17 Zimmerman; The back entrance.  Fucking punks.

2:20 (wind noise)

2:23 Dispatcher: Are you following him?

2:25 Zimmerman: Yeah.

2:26 Dispatcher: OK, we don’t need you to do that.

2:28 Zimmerman: OK.

2:34 Dispatcher: Alright, sir, what is your name?

2:36 Zimmerman: George.  He ran.

2:39 (wind noise stops)

2:40 Dispatcher: Alright, George, what’s your last name?

2:42 Zimmerman: Zimmerman.

2:42 (banging noise – flashlight?)

2:44 Dispatcher: And George, what’s the phone number you’re calling from?

2:46 (banging noise – flashlight?)

2:47 Zimmerman: 4 o 7 4 3 5-2 4 0 0

2:52 (banging noise – flashlight?)

2:52 Dispatcher: Alright, George, we do have em on the way.  Do you want to meet with the officer when they get out there?

2:56 Zimmerman: Yeah.

2:57 Dispatcher: Alright.  Where you gonna meet with them at?

3:00 Zimmerman: Um

3:02 (banging noise – flashlight?)

3:03 Zimmerman: if they come in through the ah gate,

3:05(banging noise – flashlight?)

3:06 Zimmerman: tell them to go straight past the clubhouse,

3:08(banging noise – flashlight?)

3:08 Zimmerman: and ah, straight past the clubhouse and make a left, and then they go past the mailboxes.  They’ll see my truck.  The keys are in the ignition.

3:18 Dispatcher: OK, what, what address are you parked in front of?

3:22 Zimmerman: Um, I don’t know.  It’s a cut through, so I don’t know the address.

3:26 Dispatcher: OK, do you live in the area?

3:29 Zimmerman: Yeah, yeah…..(unintelligible)

3:30 Dispatcher: What, what’s your apartment number?

3:31 Zimmerman: It’s a home.  It’s 1 9 5 0.

3:34 (banging noise – flashlight?)

3:35 Zimmerman: Oh crap, I don’t want to give that out loud.  I don’t know where this kid is.

3:39 Dispatcher: OK, do you want to just meet with them right near the mailboxes then?

3:42 Zimmerman: Yeah, that’s fine.

3:45 Dispatcher: Alright George, I’ll let them know to meet you when they’re

3:48 Zimmerman: I think,  could you have them

3:48 Dispatcher: out there

3:49 Zimmerman:  Could you have them call me, and I’ll tell them where I’m at?

3:51 Dispatcher: OK. Yeah, that’s no problem.

3:53 Zimmerman: You need my number or you go it?

3:55 Dispatcher: Yeah, I, I got it. 4 o 7 4 3 5-2 4 0 0?

3:59 Zimmerman: Yeah, you go it.

4:00 Dispatcher: OK, no problem.  I’ll let em know to call you when they’re in the area.

4:03 Zimmerman: Thanks.

4:03 Dispatcher: You’re welcome.


Well this is interesting, I will read this and comment since I have my own curiosity about all that went on and what the audio reveals.


I have a few more transcripts to finish. Then I want to correlate his various interview statements with his NEN call and see what comes of it.

One thing I’ve already realized. He drove past TM at Frank Taafe’s house and pulled over at the clubhouse to make the NEN call. So the first part of the call he’s describing events that he saw before he made the call.

I think the first contemporaneous utterance is this:

0:48 Zimmerman: And now he’s just staring at me.

Everything prior to that is him relating what he observed as he drove by TM.


I will repeat my comment from before since this transcript gives it additional context.

In summary Zimmerman said:

“He’s got his hand in his waistband… He’s got a button on his shirt… He’s comin’ to check me out. He’s got sumpin in his hands.”

When George Zimmerman says this it is one of three possibilities:

– Trayvon Martin was carrying the 7/11 bag containing the Skittles and Beverage; or,

– He in the process of removing the items from the brown plastic bag and putting the items into his pockets; or,

– He was holding the cell phone which he was using to talk to DeeDee.

I suspect what George Zimmerman is Trayvon Martin adjusting the phone on his waistband, perhaps redialing or answering the phone.

I also assume that what he saw Trayvon Martin carrying was the brown plastic bag containing the items he purchased.

Why is this significant? IMO George Zimmerman saw Trayvon Martin as he (Martin) made the decision to assault Zimmerman:

George saw Trayvon Martin vanish.

Trayvon Martin then doubled back and flanked Zimmerman to confront him.

As Trayvon Martin was doubling back he put the beverage into his shirt pocket and the Skittles into his hoodie pocket or front pouch. (These two items were found in those respective places on Trayvon Martin’s body by the medical examiner and paramedic. And the 7/11 bag was found at the scene, on the lawn.

I don’t believe George Zimmerman stated to the police that when Trayvon Martin confronted him that Trayvon had a brown bag. (Obviously that can’t be the case because Zimmerman would have mentioned it in his statement and also said that he observed Trayvon Martin put the items into his pockets as he was talking to him.)

So this is damn good circumstantial evidence that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor. IMO when he doubled back to confront Zimmerman he put everything away so his hands and arms were free. And IMO there’s only one reason why he would want this, so he could attack Zimmerman.

While Crump and Corey will argue this is nonsense, they can do that during argument. Let them explain why Trayvon Martin deliberately puts “loose items” (that are arguably encumbering his fists) into his pockets, instead of leaving them in the bag he had been carrying for 7/8ths of the way home from 7/11.


My July 13 comment:

I read a LOT of the released disclosures. While the media has said there were no earth shaking revelations, I totally disagree. I have things to do but I make a few quick comments:

1. It is interesting that to have a complete picture of Trayvon Martin that night and the situation before the altercation, we have to look at different witness statements, in the discovery just handed over to the defense.

– On page # 35 the medical examiner on scene reported seeing the Skittles package in Trayvon Martin’s hoodie top front pocket. She does NOT recall seeing the beverage Martin also bought at 7/11.

– On page 81 a paramedic/firefighter reports that he lifted Martin’s hoodie and saw the beverage in Trayvon Martin’s shirt pocket.

– The brown plastic that the 7/11 clerk had placed the items was found on the ground by where the shooting occurred.

– Zimmerman has said that when he saw Trayvon Martin that he (Trayvon) pulled out his cell phone. Trayvon Martin’s T-Mobile cell phone was found laying on the grass where the shooting occurred.

2. My point is this. Why did Trayvon Martin walk back to the complex with the beverage and Skittles in the 7/11 plastic bag, but apparently when almost home remove both items from the bag and put the Skittles into his hoodie pouch and the heavier canned beverage into his inner shirt pocket?

It is my contention that Trayvon Martin’s actions in this regard are evidence of preparing to assault Zimmerman.

Basically, Trayvon Martin wanted his hands free. The bag filled with items was a hindrance so he quickly puts the Skittles into the hoodie pouch, places the can (that is heavier) into his shirt pocket, where it would be more secure, and either tossed the bag aside or put it into the hoodie pocket also (where during the assault it fell out of the pocket and on to the ground).

This is relevant to proving Trayvon Martin was the aggressor. (We need to find out if when Zimmerman was talking to the dispatcher what Zimmerman saw could have been a plastic bag).

I welcome an alternative explanation on why Trayvon Martin in the 7/11 video accepted the 7/11 clerk’s offer for a bag, the items were placed in a bag, then Trayvon Martin walks home, and a few yards from the town home he was staying at he removes the items from the bag and puts them into his pockets.

This is convincing evidence proving correct Zimmerman’s version of events.

Zimmerman says that Trayvon Martin ambushed him, then there was an exchange of words after which Trayvon Martin swung and broke Zimmerman’s nose.

– Trayvon Martin securing the Skittles and beverage in his pockets were the first steps in Trayvon Martin being the aggressor.

– The second bit of evidence was Trayvon Martin doubling back.

– A third piece of evidence was Martin allegedly telling DeeDee he was not going to run and expressing offense/rage that a white guy was following him.

– Fourth, DeeDee told Trayvon Martin to run home. DeeDee supposedly told him that twice. Since Trayvonites are so vehement when saying that George Zimmerman refused the police order not to follow Trayvon Martin (there was no such order), Corey and Crump need to explain why Trayvon Martin did not do as DeeDee told him to do, run home.

– Fifth, in her talk with Crump (his “witness tampering” meeting) and the State Attorney, DeeDee did NOT tell Crump or Corey that when DeeDee told Martin to run home he did NOT respond “I am too far away, I can’t make it home.” Nor did he say “I can’t outrun that guy, he looks really fit and he looks like he can take me with one or two punches.”

– Sixth, we know of course that none of that was said to DeeDee. It is because Trayvon Martin was only a few yards from Brandy Green’s apartment and there’s no way a 17-year-old, stud football player, who made fight club videos, would feel threatened or outmatched by a pudgy, short guy, out-of-shape guy on the horizon, so to speak. (Whom Trayvon Martin determined after he started talking to Zimmerman quickly concluded that George was not the police. So gave himself a green light to assault George.)


That was my assessment from the beginning but not knowing how close he was to GZ when he got shot, the conflicting story about 2 shots, the reported lack of injuries on GZ, I had some doubts. Now that most of the evidence has been released I can conclude with reasonably that to be the case.

Trayvon Martin made a decision that night, he choose unwisely, if we were to get the true story from Dee Dee I am certain that it would corroborate this, that is why on both interviews her interviewers have treated her with kid gloves.

Finally, I am wondering if this is the reason that Tracy Martin has returned to work and has left Sybrina Fulton and her son to carry on the fight. At this time Tracy is not listed as an officer of the Justice for TM Foundation, the victims fund names only Sybrina and so does the Travelers court action. It appears as if Tracy is distancing from this, which could be a Crump ploy, since Mothers make a more sympathetic character in this drama, but it does not seem that way.


To me, when one says, “The best address I can give you…” the address given is not an exact location. Therefore, Z was not at the clubhouse when he gave that address.

Is it possible that Z used the “Yeah” in “Yeah, now he’s coming toward me” as a figure of speech instead of an affirmative response to the prior question? Kind of like someone may ask, “How about XYZ restaurant for lunch?” Another may reply, “Yeah, I’d rather go to ABC because the service was so slow at XYZ last time.” In this example, the person clearly does not want to go to XYZ but their initial response, “Yeah” could be misinterpreted as contradicting the remainder of their reply.

It has also been surmised that Z garbled his timeline in at least one interview because he believed he was given an instruction by the dispatcher and that he remained at the clubhouse until given that instruction. When listening to the tape of the NEN call, he put himself at the clubhouse much longer than he was actually there because he was waiting for the instruction he thought had been given. Could a similar misunderstanding have occurred relative to the word “Yeah” in the statement “Yeah, now he’s coming toward me.”?



boricuafudd, I hadn’t heard all that about TM Sr., thanks.

If TM Sr. is being distanced it may be because of possible culpability. Why did he leave his troubled offspring unsupervised for at least the evening, if not the bulk of the weekend? Wasn’t that the point in TM™ being in Sanford that his father was to attempt to get TM™ off the repeated school suspensions track? IIRC, there were also conflicting statements about TM™ being grounded but going to the movies the night before, etc.

There may be something in his background or past that TM Sr. or Crump may prefer to keep private which would be fair game in civil depositions.

As far as I know, SF looks to be the better parent on paper, particularly if one ignores the stepmother’s claims to have raised TM™.

Of course, it could simply be that TM Sr.’s cut of the donations is insufficient to support his lifestyle. Crump did complain, imo sincerely, about the amount received by Z compared to what “the family” had received. Or, if he is a union member, he may be near retirement and has to finish a certain amount of time to receive a pension, etc.


I have always considered suspect that two days within the shooting Tracy Martin retained Crump. IMO Martin was partially motivated to go along with Crump’s false narrative to deflect blame toward him on what happened, inquiry of his actions, and that he was a bad parent.

After all, Tracy Martin had a Crips gang tattoo on his neck, appeared to be approving of Trayvon morphing into a thug and the Crips lifestyle, allowed him to get tattoos covering his arms, and even (stupidly) waxed poetic in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel that he knew his son became a man when he (Tracy) allowed Trayvon to ride Tracy’s motorcycle on a Florida turnpike, unlicensed and uninsured (that act alone is an admission of a crime, child endangerment).

And listen to Tracy Martin calling the Sheriff’s Dept. the morning after the shooting inquiring about POSSIBLY filing a missing person’s report (it is my contention that Martin knew full well what had happened the night before.) Listen to Martin’s tone and words. He does not sound like a panicked or concerned parent and even flirts with the dispatcher.

I submit that Tracy knew he was “gonna get it” from Sybrina for her blaming Tracy for getting her son killed. (I’d love to be a fly on the wall hearing Sybrina give Tracy the third degree when asking about what happened that night.)

So the racist angle, George Zimmerman profiled and stalked Trayvon, and was looking for a n-g-er to kill, all provided a great defense for Tracy to protect himself against an enraged Sybrina Fulton. And it was a win win for Tracy and Crump. Tracy keeps Sybrina at bay, Crump makes a bucket load of cash. With a retainer agreement on February 28 Crump and Tracy enter into a mutually beneficial relationship, and Tracy thinks he might even make some money on the deal. (For sure, he already got to travel to London.)

As I keep saying, follow the money, follow the motive, the truth will always come out.

Fact is, no one has ever questioned why Tracy Martin would wait until the next day to start to WONDER where his son Trayvon was. (The moron can’t even keep his story straight nor figure out his contradictions. For example, he told the police that he assumed that Trayvon was at a friend’s or relative’s house. But Brandy Green said the afternoon following the shooting in an interview that Trayvon Martin did not know anyone in town. And Tracy said the same thing. In fact, he told the police that he had called places where Trayvon could be, and confirmed he was not there. So Tracy went to bed that night (probably intoxicated) not knowing where Trayvon was, or knowing that his son got into (another) fight and that he may be the one that got carted off by the coroner.)

I’m just thinking out loud. My point is that there’s a lot of things that don’t add up about Tracy Martin. The goal of Crump is now to avoid inquiry or focus on just what this guy is all about. IMO the mere fact that he has tattoos everywhere, has pics of himself with Crips gang members, and had a Crips gang tattoo on his neck, above the collar line, are a tip-off that this guy is a creep.

By the way, that tattoo was covered up with another tattoo in mid-March. Was that at the suggestion of Crump. Probably so, and it shows the level of his involvement in advancing the false narrative. Actually, it is my contention that EVERYTHING in this case has Crump’s fingerprints.


Other things that put Tracy in a negative light is that he is still married to Alicia and has a fiancee in another town. Even though Trayvon had been suspended from school he allowed his to go to a NBA event on Friday, a football game and the movies on Sat. and was alone with Brandy’s Son Sunday.

The media are like piranha which is a pretty harmless fish until they smell blood at that point they will eat you to the bone until that is all that is left. So far they have been getting a pass but if the winds change direction, watch out.

Lastly, IMO Crump knows that a mother and brother searching for justice for a little brother that was killed is a lot more sympathetic figures than Sybrina her and her married, cheating baby’s daddy.

Something funny, I went to the Justice for TM Foundation website and in the pictures of Tracy his neck tattoos have been removed and photoshopped.


At 3:08, GZ says:

“and ah, straight past the clubhouse and make a left, and then they go past the mailboxes. They’ll see my truck. The keys are in the ignition.”

I have performed a detailed analysis of the words obscured by Sean’s question, breaking them down in audio software, and I am sure, beyond reasonable doubt, that “the keys are in the ignition” is what he says there.

Also, he clearly is addressing Sean with this statement, not some unidentified third party. It sounds kind of ‘off mic’ only because Sean is talking at the same time, and the ALC of the recording system drops the level, making GZ sound more quiet.

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