Complete Transcript, Serino Interview, 2/29/2012, Tape 2

This is the 2nd tape from the 2/29 interview with Investigator Serino and Zimmerman, with Investigator Singleton sitting in.  The tape is extremely hard to make out.  Serino keeps moving things around, introducing noise that masks what Zimmerman is saying.  The audio is absolutely terrible.

Update: Here’s the audio: audio_interview_0229_2

Serino: Going back on tape, it’s now 6:10.
(door opens and closes)
Serino: OK, where were we? You got any questions for me?
Zimmerman: Yes.
Serino: Go ahead, shoot.
Zimmerman: Um, I think I told you my psychology seminar (unintelligible)…
Serino: OK.
Zimmerman: she suggested that I …(unintelligible) go away…um, I think you told me…(unintelligible)
Serino: Um hum.
Zimmerman: …I asked Sgt Smith
Serino: Um hum.
Zimmerman: if it was OK if I left the city, he said not right now…(unintelligible)…
Serino: Long as I got a phone number for you, not even that, yeah, you’re, you’re as free as a bird, yeah.
Zimmerman: (unintelligible)…just make sure that I kept in contact with you guys.
Serino: Yeah, I mean it’s, um, like I say you’re not in custody, you’re not on probation, I have no (unintelligible) with your doing anything. I’m doing a fair and impartial investigation here. And, um, I have some inconsistencies that don’t amount to much, but, um, I mean, I guess, you know, well hopefully by the time we’re done here today we’ll ha..have enough to go ahead and, you know, not have folks looking at me, ha… like I’m crazy for not arresting you, OK? At the time of the encounter with him, was there anything in your hand?
Zimmerman: I think my flashlight.
Serino: OK. The flashlight. Was it working or was it not working?
Zimmerman: It was dead.
Serino: It was dead. OK. It was not clicking on. It was in your right hand or left hand?
Zimmerman: I don’t know.
Serino: OK. And you looked away from him is that what happened? When you got punched, or did you see the punch coming?
Zimmerman: No, I walked past where he went through…
Serino: Uh huh.
Zimmerman: And I started walking back to my car…
Serino: Um hum
Zimmerman: And that’s when he yelled out and I turned around.
Serino: How far away was he? Was he up on you already or…?
Zimmerman: (unintelligible)
Serino: Can’t tell.
Zimmerman: As soon as he did that I started backing up towards my car and that’s when I s…I wanted to call 911 instead of non-emergency.
Serino: Do you realize how, the way these cases can go?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: OK, how can they go?
Zimmerman: Um, either…justifiable homicide or murder
Serino: OK. And that’s why, like I’m saying, you know, I mean, ih, uh…I’m gonna try something with you, um, that I’ve done before, it’s called, um, assisted, um, memory recall. It’s not hypnosis, it’s just something the, I mean… let’s say we try it. Would you close your eyes for me? OK, and I want you to put yourself back in the scene…Sunday night…about 7:00…you’re looking at this kid…you’re getting out of your car…talking to the dispatcher…you hang up the dispatcher…OK…give yourself a couple seconds to go ahead and think about what happened after that. (long pause) Now you’re gonna try to act like exactly what happened, OK? I’m gonna be the kid. “What the fuck is your problem?” You say what you said.
Zimmerman: Uh, I don’t have a problem.
Serino: At that point nothing else was said?
Zimmerman: No, sir.
Serino: Think. What did you say the first time he hit you?
Zimmerman: (unintelligible)
Serino: So there was no conversation prior. OK we’re good. Open up your eyes.
Zimmerman: OK.
Serino: Nothing at all.
Zimmerman: No, sir.
Serino: OK. That never works, just, you know, gotta try it though. Um…
Zimmerman: (unintelligible)
Serino: Well if we’re gonna make it, I mean but if it puts you back at the scene…It’s just that, I mean, as far as work, as far as stuff that actually gets recalled during that, you know…It’s a, it’s an old, old technique and whatever but, you know, it’s usually the clinical thing, but…um…OK. I gotta talk to a couple people real quick and I’ll be right back and…why don’t you come with me. You OK here?
Zimmerman: Yes
Serino: OK. Fine. Just give me a couple minutes, OK?
Zimmerman: OK.
Serino: You have a phone in here or anything?
Zimmerman: No, sir.
Serino: OK. You need a phone to talk to anybody?
Zimmerman: No, sir
Serino: OK, You’re good, right?
Zimmerman: Yes, sir.
Serino: OK. Keep on thinking, just in case, OK. Cause there is another witness that, that’s playing games with me, you know? Basically she wants, she wants me to chase her around. It’s a her. And, uh, I will chase her around. And, uh, like I said…they’re saying something different. But I can’t call a ghost to the stand, right? So…
Zimmerman: I understand.
Serino: I know, I’m with you.
Zimmerman: (unintelligible)…just sitting on the porch…(unintelligible)
Serino: They don’t want to get involved, that’s why. That’s why nobody helped you.
Zimmerman: Pardon?
Serino: Nobody wanted to get involved, that’s why nobody helped you.
Zimmerman: That’s why (unintelligible)
Zimmerman: You’re by yourself. Leading the charge, look behind you, the cavalry’s not there. I know the feeling, man. Just sit tight, I’ll be right back.
(lots of noise, door opens, unintelligible conversation between Serino and Singleton)
Serino: …pause this tape again.

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