Is America ready to reset our clocks to “midnight at noon?”

Jud Blakely … 27 September 2020 

picture of Jud BlakelyFrom Darkness at Noon (1940) to “midnight at noon” (2020). From a novel that cast an all-revealing light on the brutal absurdities of communism…to the Left—DBA the Democratic Party—in reach of being handed the nation (at the ballot box) and resurrecting a path back to those exact same brutal absurdities. Bad enough…but “in reach” is hardly “in the bank.” 

If America elects the obedient pawns of George Soros et al, then the lights will begin to “go out” all over America…but the darkness will be spread in calculated doses so that we sullen bozos in Rural USA don’t notice that a sneaky inundation of regime control is going on. Spoiler Alert—not likely that we sullen bozos will fail to notice the inundation of Dems. 

Of course…it doesn’t have to come to that. If Donald Trump is re-elected, the Left will have to battle ALL us sullen bozos for 4 more years. 

Thing is…we aren’t sullen and we aren’t bozos. In fact…Rural USA isn’t even Rural USA. What we aren’t is New York City or Los Angeles, etc. In other words…we’re deplorable misfits with nothing to offer the “brave new world” of Globalism and its ruling class—funded by King G. Soros and his cronies—but instant obedience or (even better) an early death. 

A revolution is a long march to Power—the winning of Power or the seizing of Power….but how Power is gained relates to the appeal of the revolution during a particular time in a particular culture…and that relates to who gets to decide what is said and what is done…and Who is always—always—the most significant movers and shakers…and the best story-tellers. 

The story-tellers are who shape why the revolution must be carried out and what the “Payoff” for winning will be—no story…no revolution. 

Victim vs. Victimizer. That’s been the classic story of every revolution that ever was from Old-Testament days to 2020—from Moses to Sam Adams to Karl Marx…to Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, and Antonio Gramsci…to the “too smart for Mensa” types who see America as the worst thing since unsliced bread…which is the story they’ve been telling since the 1960s. 

The movers and shakers who facilitate the devised havoc of 2020 are the inheritors of those 1960s’ haters of America but with the oligarchic barons of Globalism now calling the shots…and when it comes to pockets that are deep, their pockets have no bottom—ie, the moguls of Globalism have simply bribed our (America’s) ruling class to further their aims. 

So…the ruling class of America—a coalition of vain and grubby traitors—is now in league with G. Soros et al, whose goal is to destroy us. 

But…let’s recall that being in reach of taking power is definitely not the fact of taking power…no matter what energetic traitors like Dems, Jim Mattis, and the strident chorus of RINOs might say…plus Deep-State and “inside the Beltway” others—what they say. Listen up: they are puppets who kiss George Soros’ ass. They care about their future, not our future. 

As the Pied Pipers of Globalism…our ruling class is luring us away from the values that built our nation and down the historical path that always leads to a cringing mass at the mercy of its keepers. Their vision for how to rule America is a mix of draconian laws imposed by draconian force…until we are beaten down and must submit to going along to get along. 

Note: most of our ruling class may be shills for Globalism but most are not really apologists for the Marxist drivel of the Democratic Party. 

As usual, they are blinded by their own hubris. I mean…they blithely just assume that all the Marxist crap and guided bursts of anarchism are simply part of the struggle for power. Spoiler Alert #2—this is a re-run of how the tycoons of Germany saw Hitler in the early 1930s. They were dead certain they could manage him. All they got right was the “dead” part. 

Bottom line—the Left has penetrated far too deeply into American life to be tamed by our ruling class. The Left will be our ruling class. 

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, Oregon but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine infantry officer in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots (and edits) video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast Conservative… and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud lives in Daphne. 

Amy Coney Barrett: Everything You Want in a Supreme Court Justice

Thread: I had already decided to write something on Amy Coney Barrett when this tweet appeared in my timeline.

That tweet was in response to this one.

Heritage has a number of articles about her that you may be interested in reading.

Of all that I’ve read, this was the most intriguing.

That gentleman has been a personal friend of the Barretts for the past ten years, and his description of her is unlike anything I’ve read before. “Yes, absolutely. Judge Barrett is the kind of person that makes you feel bad about yourself because she’s so extraordinary

in so many different ways. And it’s not limited to her brilliance as a judge or her brilliance as a scholar or her extraordinary record as a teacher. …”

It’s hard for me to imagine someone I would know that would make me feel bad about myself.

She is apparently a quite impressive person. He continues with this startling statement. “But as a friend, even, she makes you feel inferior because she’s so generous and she’s so humble and she’s so warm and fun and normal.”

Notice that it’s NOT her intellect that intimidates him? It’s her genuine nature and her goodness. That’s impressiveness on an entirely different level.

But, what I wanted to focus on in this thread is her judicial philosophy and temperament. And I have two papers she has written that, I think, tell you all you need to know about her. The first is on stare decisis.

And I must say, I am impressed. She describes in great detail several levels of stare decisis (the role of precedent in legal cases) that I was completely unaware of. She describes both “vertical” and “horizontal” stare decisis. The former is quite rigid.

It binds lower courts to the decisions of higher courts. They MUST follow precedent. The latter, is a court honoring its own precedents. In that case, she describes stare decisis as “weak” and tending to moderate justices opinions. And she admits that the public has a role.

If the public widely accepts a decision, as in Brown v. Board of Education, then no cases will even “bubble up” to SCOTUS for consideration. If the public widely disagrees with a decision, then the court will be continually confronted with cases until they correct the decision.

Once such case (obviously) is Roe v. Wade. Look for that to take prominence in the Democratic questioning. Overall, I find her judicial philosophy to be very compelling.

The second paper is one titled Catholic Judges in Capital Cases.

In this paper she writes something that is, to me at least, stunningly obvious yet seldom practiced. “The legal system has a solution for this dilemma-it allows (indeed it requires) the recusal of judges whose convictions keep them from doing their job.”

Indeed it does, and far too few judges ever actively consider how their own biases influence their decisions. Amy Coney Barrett is one such judge.

Frankly, I think Trump has hit a grand slam. She’s a quality person, of very high intellect, respected by her peers, and principled.

Democrats will likely attack her religious beliefs, which will drive voters even farther away, and will likely emphasize Roe v. Wade, which, while very controversial, will motivate Trump voters even more, if that’s possible.

I can’t wait for the hearings to begin.

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Saturday Evening Bible Thread

Thread: Saturday evening Bible thread
This week I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s love. God’s love has been a foundational truth of my life. Every day I think about the ways that God has blessed me. They are endless. And all encompassing.

From the numerous times he has blessed me with jobs that taught me about life or pushed me to become better, to the blessing of a wonderful wife, to a home that is comfortable and all that I need, God has blessed me in the physical realm more than I can express.

But the physical blessings pale in comparison to the spiritual blessings that God has bestowed on me. I can begin with the inexpressible gift of eternal life (John 3:16) to the incredible knowledge that God called me personally to be his son (1 Pet 2:9).

The comforting knowledge that whenever I want to talk to him, he will listen (1 Jn 5:14) & when I ask 4 something he will provide (Phil 4:19). The encouraging knowledge that he desires only the best for me (2 Thess 1:11,12) and will help me to be more than a conqueror (Ro 8:37).

When I think about how God gave his only son, and what his son went through, so I could be his son too, I get misty-eyed. It’s hard to put into words what it means to me. His visage was marred more than any other man (Isa 52:14). He was unrecognizable (Isa 53:1-12).

His hands and feet were pierced, such an incredibly painful thing that I wince thinking about it (Psa 22: 16). Yet he did that because he saw a vision greater than himself, the vision of God IN Christ IN ME (Col 1:27)! How can I help but be thankful?

How can I help but be filled with joy? How can the cares of this world weigh me down when I am so blessed? The answer is, they can’t. No matter how bad life gets, I will always be God’s son by salvation through Christ. Nothing this world can do to me can change that.

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The June FISC Memo: A Sign of Prosecutions to Come?

Thread: A document was released by the FISA Court on June 25th and came to light in the public on September 16th.

Sundance did a good job of covering it, so I didn’t feel the need to discuss it further.

But it’s been nagging me ever since, because there’s an issue in there that I feel didn’t get enough emphasis. Basically, the court looked at the laws governing when FISA information could be revealed in court or to FOIA requests.

The law is pretty clear and doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. “FISA restricts the use and disclosure of infonnation acquired by unauthorized electronic surveillance or physical search that was conducted under color of a FISA authorization. See 50 U.S.C. §§ 1809(a)(2),

1827(a)(2). It also has minimization requirements, which regulate the retention and dissemination of PISA-acquired information generally.”
In that context, the FBI asked the court for guidance on what they could disclose in five specific instances; Third-Party FOIA Litigation

specifically Judicial Watch’s FOIA request and James Madison Project v. DOJ which is a lawsuit challenging redactions in the publicly-available Carter Page FISA applications, Carter Page’s civil litigation in which he seeks release of ALL documents related to him,

the Review of FBI Personnel's Conduct, which involves FISA documents that were fraudulently provided to the court, Ongoing DOJ OIG Oversight, in which authorities are studying the abuses to determine policy corrections and changes that will mitigate future abuse, and finally

Ongoing Criminal Investigations and Potential Prosecutions. THAT is what I wanted to focus on, because I feel it has received little attention. ISTM that this is much more important than has been previously recognized.

There’s nothing in there that raises any eyebrows (at least for me.) We already knew about Clinesmith, and in fact he has pled guilty. But what comes next is of particular interest to me because of its wording.

Notice the highlighted part?

and other FBI documents that likely contain FISA-acquired information," as well as "handwritten notes and other documents from FBI and SCO personnel"

SCO personnel. That means (if you weren’t already aware) that Durham is investigating the SCO as well. And there’s more.

See those major redactions? Slipped right in the middle of that is this: “specific criminal referral [regarding the FBI attorney] … be preserved during the pendency” That’s referring to Clinesmith.

But what it’s telling you is that Clinesmith’s evidence affects other criminal cases! And here’s a big question. In the last part, where they refer to “any ongoing investigation or resolution" why is the name blocked out? We already know Kevin Clinesmith has pled guilty.

So why would they redact his name? Is it someone else they’re trying to protect? Then there’s this phrase; “discoverable material relevant to a subject's defense” “A” subject. Not “THE” subject. The court appears to be referring, however obliquely, to “other” criminal cases.

Then, on a later page, “The Court, consequently, finds that use or disclosure of raw Page FISA information for the purpose of investigating or prosecuting potential crimes relating to the conduct of the Page or Crossfire Hurricane investigations is permissible only insofar as

a particular need has been demonstrated to use or disclose specific information.” The government is going to have to come back to the court to get access to additional raw evidence and show a particularized need for it. Pretty standard fare, I think.

I know some will point out that the document was published in June and Clinesmith’s plea wasn’t public knowledge until August, but this document was released to the public until September. So why redact his name? (It could just be laziness, but I wonder.)

In any case, I think this court document reveals, subtly, that there’s more going on in Durham’s investigation (of a criminal nature) than we are currently aware of, which means Clinesmith won’t be going to jail alone. He will have company.

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Solar Energy: Not Quite There Yet

Thread: IMO by far the most abusive industry in America is the solar energy industry. Today I found out about Tesla Solar. So, I went to their website, out of curiosity, to check it out. It was interesting but expensive. So, I thought, let me check out govt incentives.

I’ve looked at solar energy several times over the years. Each time I did a calculation to see how long it would take to recoup my investment. Usually it’s about the same time the solar panels have to be replaced, which makes little sense to me.

Why buy something that is a zero net gain? I’m all for environmental friendliness, but it has to make economic sense. For example, we’ve added a reflective barrier to the underside of our roof. Increased attic insulation. Installed double-pane doors and windows.

Upgraded our HVAC to the latest energy-efficient systems. The result has been a reduction of about 40% in our energy bills, and that’s not taking into account the increases in cost over the years or the decreased value of the dollar.

So, solar energy makes sense to me, IF it makes economic sense. But every time I look into it, the dollars saved are offset equally by the cost of installation. And that’s not even accounting for having to replace the panels every seven years when Texas hailstorms destroy them.

But, ever the optimist, and aware that technology is constantly improving, I took another look. And as soon as I did, I was inundated with five phone calls, two voicemails and two text messages. It’s been this way every time I check solar out.

I’m sure there will be more, but I have my iPhone set to ignore all calls from people not in my contact list. So they can call until they turn blue in the face, but until I initiate contact with them, nothing is going to happen.

For those who aren’t aware, there are federal and state incentives for going solar. So, it can look very attractive when you first look into it. But there’s a lot more to consider than the initial cost of installation. Even with incentives, you’ll shell out at least $20,000.

Then there’s the cost of replacing damaged panels after storms. Your insurance may cover it. They may not. And there’s always that pesky deductible. Then there’s the battery maintenance and replacement. That’s $5,000 to $7,000 a pop.

The solar vultures don’t tell you about all that. They get all excited telling you about how much money you will save and never talk about the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Bottom line? The solar energy industry still has a way to go if they want to attract sensible consumers who aren’t swayed by emotion. The power efficiency of the panels needs to increase dramatically. Right now, the best they can do is 23%.

That’s fresh out of the box. Install them on your roof. Have them pelted by rain and dust and bird poop, and their efficiency drops significantly. To make them cost-efficient, they need to get to 50%. That would drop the cost of installation (of the panels only) by 50%.

I once looked at solar roofing shingles, which I thought made a great deal of sense. No ugly glass boxes on the roof. And you need shingles anyway, so the real cost is the delta between a standard install and the solar alternative.

The shingles plugged into each other, which made installation much simpler. You only had to wire from the last shingle into your system.

IMO the solar industry will get there one day. Someone will come up with a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize the industry. Then all they have to do is fix all those vulture salespeople, and they’ll be off to the races.

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Discarded Ballots in PA

Thread: An interesting update on the story about military ballots being discarded in PA.

“It still wasn’t clear, however, how or why they ended up in the trash. A statement by the county manager on Friday characterized it as “an error” discovered by a public servant and reported to law enforcement.”

“Freed said Pennsylvania law prohibits elections offices from opening mail-in ballots before Election Day. Investigators were told that the military mail-in envelopes and absentee request envelopes were so similar that election workers “believed that adhering to the protocol

of preserving envelopes unopened” would result in them missing ballot applications, so they opened them.”

Here’s what we’re being asked to believe. They weren’t sure if they were ballots or applications for ballots, so they opened them to see. OK. Fine. Then, when they saw they were ballots, they threw them away? Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Here’s what I think happened.

They weren’t sure what they were, so they opened them. When they saw they were ballots, they panicked. Oh shit. These are ballots. It’s illegal to open them. So, they threw them away to cover up for their mistake. Make sense to you?

Here’s the $64,000 question. How in the hell can you not distinguish between ballot applications and filled out ballots? Seems like PA needs to fix that problem. Ballots should be clearly marked ballots, as should applications. It’s not like this is rocket science.

And here’s what I think is the dirty underbelly of this whole thing. For decades mail-in ballots have not been counted. Why? Because the vote isn’t close enough for them to make a difference. So, sloppy handling and a IDGAF attitude has permeated elections offices.

It’s well known (at least it should be) that when the margin of victory is large, as it is in many districts, that counting absentee ballots is a waste of time. It won’t change the outcome. In general, mail-in ballots fall along the same lines as the vote-in-person tallies.

With the exception that, in general, Dem voters tend to vote mail-in more often than GOP. So, let’s look at a hypothetical race. GOP candidate wins by 6,886 votes. There are 10,000 absentee ballots. 6,000 are Dem votes. 4,000 are GOP votes. So the Dems add 2,000 to their total.

But the GOP still wins. So why bother counting them? I’m not saying this is right. I’m saying this is how it’s done. All. Over. The. Country. When they count them is when the Dems think it’s close enough that they can “produce” a winning margin from those uncounted ballots.

Now maybe some of you are thinking, I ought to volunteer to work on the elections to make sure the ballots are counted honestly. Yes, you should. If that’s what you want to do, do it. We need patriots of every stripe insinuating themselves into every step of the process.

Addendum: Here’s a PA Absentee ballot. Don’t you think it’d be kind of hard to mistake that for an application?

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Once the Dems win, Diversity will be done away with

 Jud Blakely … 24 September 2020 

picture of Jud BlakelyThe haters of America are many, tireless, and varied. What most effectively unites them is a mutual desire to do away with us…but “do away with us” doesn’t mean or imply the same thing to each of these intractable tribes of haters who strive to cancel—do away with—America. Each is working for our nation to crash and burn…but…to fullfill its particular aims. 

Note: the aims of these diverse and self-exalting tribes have never been—and can never be—joined into even the thin veneer of an integrated force except when the Democratic Party is out of power and needs votes…and what “unites” this cat-like herd of persecuted groups is the vision each has of being vindicated at last—of being hailed as brave and good. 

But these persecuted groups are neither brave nor good. What they are—each of them—is a Devil’s pawn…and foot soldiers for the Left. 

Once the Dems swindle their way into the White House, hold Congress, and regain the Senate…well…the foot soldiers of Diversity will have played their part and will no longer have a role. In fact…the new monarchs of America—the new invincible ruling class of America—will soon begin to finesse (or muscle) them off stage; ie, out of sight…out of mind. 

Note: this won’t happen—won’t begin to happen—for a couple of years…but Diversity will be toast if the Dems prevail in 41 days. I mean…winning power is not the same thing as gaining control…and gaining control is not the same thing as running America from day to day by decree backed up by ubiquitous spies, proxies, and agents. Note: it will happen. 

The ONLY goal of the Ruling Class will be to make people believe they are always, always in hot pursuit of what is Fair and Equal and Just. 

Lest we forget: the issue (for the Left) is NEVER the issue, the issue is always the Revolution—how to move the revolution ahead, how to extend it, how to deepen its hold, how to harden its walls of defense and hone its tools of mass deceit. I mean…Evil needs a helping hand. After all…no lie can tell itself. As for the Revolution…it’s simply the imposition of a Lie. 

Lest we forget #2: the Left excels at playing the “long game” where waiting for—and working to create—a “favorable moment” has been a hallmark of their success for over a hundred years. When does a side in a conflict have the wind at its back versus when does it have the wind in its face? This is called the “Correlation of Forces.” It’s what the Left EXCELS at. 

It’s really no more than a method to evaluate which battles a side is likely to win vs. which it’s likely to lose…and so…welcome to 2020. 

Note: the Left’s fastidious sowing of Diversity over the past six decades—all the row crops of racial and gender and sexual pride, etc—is nothing but a means to help move the Revolution a few steps ahead. What Lenin said about “useful idiocy” is on full display as each of these fabricated bands of victims plays—oh-so unwittingly—its very brief but crucial role. 

Their very brief—but crucial—role in the Left’s grand historical scheme of things is to portray the injustices that vicious bigots (like you and me) inflict on them so that we can rejoice in their endless pain and fear…which we do while drinkin’ beer ‘n roastin’ weinies at a Fascist hook-up as we chant for the second coming of Hitler. Their pain…their fear? All good. 

Diversity was never more than a brazen ploy to turn people like me into a species of moral outlaw so lobotimized Lefties would hate us. 

And hate us, they assuredly do. The Left has been cultivated—like a bonsai plant—to grow into a raging cult…but once a particular plant is no longer of use, well…it must be made to vanish. I mean…the Revolution will have moved on and will have no further need of what Diversity does—ie, divide people and ignite a range of hostilities to tear apart the nation. 

Bottom line—sheer power in bogus hot pursuit of impossible goals is what the Left is all about. As for Diversity—it’ll be done away with. 

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, Oregon but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine infantry officer in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots (and edits) video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast Conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud lives in Daphne. 

Can Anyone Stop These Damn Riots?

Thread: When @atensnut tweeted this, she expressed the frustration of millions of Americans, including me.

The reason Americans are frustrated is two-fold. First, they see very little being done to stop the riots in many places. People are arrested, released on bail, and return to riot the following night. It’s an unending cycle with no apparent resolution.

Law-abiding citizens see it as an affront to our nation. We’re supposed to be a nation of laws. Yet, lately, it seems the law is most often honored in its breech. And it’s a reminder of our two-tiered “justice” system where leftists can do anything they want without consequences.

Second, they see people rioting because they are demanding “justice”, but the justice they demand is not justice at all. Take, for example, the Breonna Taylor case.

They claim, falsely, that it was a no-knock warrant. So, weak politicians ban no-knock warrants as if that will solve anything. But it doesn’t even address the circumstances of that particular case.

They claim, falsely, that Breonna Taylor was innocently lying in bed when she was shot. They claim, falsely, that no drugs were found in the house. Yet police surveillance records show that the house was being used as a drug stash.

The media, going along with the lies, contributes to the violence. The facts are publicly available, yet you’d never know that from watching the news. You have to go to alternate sources to find them.

Shocking Report Leaked in Breonna Taylor Death Investigation Shows How Involved She Really Was

The sad truth is that very few of the “victims” that are driving the protests are victims at all. George Floyd, who was the excuse for the launch of the current violence, was a convicted felon, a woman abuser, and had taken a fatal dose of fentanyl before being arrested.

The truth of the matter is that Floyd would have driven away from the store, after trying to pass a fake $20 bill, and then passed out, wrecking his car and possibly killing the two occupants that were with him. Yet he was celebrated with a fancy funeral and a gold caisson.

Jacob Blake, whose shooting is the direct cause of the destruction of Kenosha, was a convicted felon who was wanted on sexual assault charges. You can read what he did. It was beyond disgusting. It was insulting to women everywhere. Yet supporters have raised over $2 million.

And no one even knows the name of his victim. There are so many, many more, that don’t deserve to have their names memorialized. The list is endless. Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Philandro Castile.

Activists have turned criminals into heroes and made a mockery of our legal system. And the worst part is, they’ve smeared the black community. Michael Brown is not a representative of black youth. @w_terrence is. Jacob Blake is not a representative of black fatherhood.

@TheOfficerTatum is. The reality is that black America is not at all like what you see on TV. It’s a robust, vibrant community of voices from all sides of the spectrum. And it’s long past time for the voices of law-abiding black Americans to be heard and represented on TV.

Give us more @larryelder and less Al Sharpton. More @RealCandaceO and less CardiB with her disgusting WAP rap that never would have been allowed years ago.

That, by far, is the most frustrating thing of all. The black people shown on TV and lionized by the protesters are the complete opposite of the black people most of us know. Good, decent, God-fearing Americans who want to live in peace and harmony and prosper.

But, getting back to Breonna Taylor, the “justice” the rioters seek is to lynch police. They don’t care about facts. In fact, they distort and lie about them to make their case. The facts are, the drug dealer living in Breonna’s house opened fire on the police.

He shot one of them in the leg. Only then did they return fire, as they had a right to do under the law. Breonna was caught in the crossfire. Consider this. How many of YOU would allow a drug dealer to live in your house? How many of YOU would allow drugs to be stored there?

And how many of YOU would then expect the police to do nothing when you fired at them? Yet the rioters are so unhappy with the outcome of the investigation that they’ve taken it upon themselves to shoot two police officers, wounding one critically.

If the media can’t at least be honest about what’s going on, they should be excoriated at every turn. We should chase them off Twitter by exposing their lies. Americans are frustrated. Rightly so. It’s time for change. It’s time for law-abiding Americans to be celebrated.

And it’s well past time for thugs to go where they belong. Straight to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. And every politician who supports this insult against law and order to be summarily kicked out of office.

You have 41 days to vote every one of these jerks out of office. Do your duty, Americans.

Originally tweeted by Parler: @PaulSchmehl #StandWithPolice (@PaulSchmehl) on September 24, 2020.

The Hypocrisy of Politicians

Thread: I’m so tired of political hypocrisy. Never was it more obvious than in the RBG situation. Both sides have obviously flipped their arguments completely. It makes both sides look petty and venal. The proper argument THEN is the same argument NOW.

When Merrick Garland was nominated, as was appropriate for the President to do, the Republican’s argument was, we should wait for the people to decide who the President will be. That was a bogus argument THEN and it’s a bogus argument NOW.

The correct argument THEN is the same argument NOW. The President nominates. The Senate confirms. When Obama nominated Garland, Mitch McConnell SHOULD have said, we are not going to confirm his nominee. Period. Because Mitch said, let the people decide, we are where we are now.

Mitch chose politics and emotion to make his argument instead of simply stating the Constitutional fact that the Senate has the power to reject a nominee. That opens him up (correctly) to the charge of hypocrite. If the people should have decided THEN, they should decide NOW.

But our system of government is a representative democracy under a Constitutional Republic. The people had already decided when they elected the President and the Senators. They had decided to put the two at loggerheads. They had no power to decide the instant case.

They had ceded that power (correctly) to their representatives in 2018. It’s a huge source of frustration to me that even our elected representatives can’t even make the correct, Constitutional, arguments. It contributes to the high level of ignorance in our population.

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