The Word “Racist” Has Lost All Meaning

Like most of you, I’m aware of the dustup over things that Jon Gruden did that caused him to “part ways” with the Las Vegas Raiders. So, out of curiosity, I looked today to see what he had done or said that caused a problem. This was the first thing I found. More NFL bombshells could be coming after explosive Jon Gruden exit

I almost fell over when I read this.

During a probe into allegations of workplace misconduct in the Washington Football Team organization and their owner Daniel Snyder, NFL investigators discovered an email Gruden had sent to former Washington team president Bruce Allen. Gruden wrote that NFL Players Association president DeMaurice Smith, who is black, had “lips the size of michellin [sic] tires.”

First of all, that comment is disgusting and insensitive and reveals something ugly about Jon Gruden. But, what it is NOT, is racist.

Let me explain.

IF any comment about the size of a black person’s lips is racist, then that can only be because the person claiming it is racist believes ALL black people have big lips.

Are this woman’s lips big? What about the boy that’s hugging her?

What about this man? Are his lips big? (For the record, I do not think they are.)

What about this woman? (For the record, I think her lips are big.)

Also for the record, this is a photo of DeMarice Smith. Do I think he has big lips? No. He has a fairly big nose, but his lips are not big at all. They’re certainly in proportion to the rest of his head.

The idea that big lips automatically equals black is racist to the core. Just as every other stereotypical idea about ANY race is. If the word racist is going to have any meaning at all, we have got to separate stereotypical characterizations of racial identity from ACTUAL racist thought.

To be frank, I’m likely the least racist person you will ever meet. Every time I read one of these I roll my eyes in disgust at the race panderers who peddle this crap to an unthinking public who swallows it whole.

Is it easier to say Gruden is racist? Or Gruden is an insenstive pig? Which one impacts your thoughts toward him more powerfully?

What was the reaction of the man whose physical appearance he denigrated? Right out of the race-pandering playbook.

“This is not the first racist comment that I’ve heard and it probably will not be the last,” the statement read. “Racism like this comes from the fact that I’m at the same table as they are and they don’t think someone who looks like me belongs.”

I sincerely doubt that Jon Gruden even gives a shit if DeMaurice Smith is the NFLPA President or not. HIs impact on Gruden’s life is peripheral at most.

But think for a moment about what Smith just said. “at the same table as THEY are and THEY don’t think someone who looks like me belongs.” Who is THEY? Whites. The Jon Grudens of the world. And THAT, my friends, is racist to the core. Smith views white people as a homogeneous glob of people who don’t want him around.

Frankly, I don’t want Smith around me. Because he’s a racist. And I don’t like racists. No matter what the color of their skin happens to be. People like Dak Prescott? Like Jason Witten? They’re welcome in my house any time because they are quality people. Emmitt Smith? Any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Quality people.

But there are some black players who would NEVER be welcome in my home. And some white ones as well. Because they’re not quality people. Like John Gruden. And DeMaurice Smith. Their character flaws make them unwelcome quests. They ought to be unwelcome anywhere in America. But far too many will accept DeMaurice Smith with open arms and reject Jon Gruden when both men are cut from the same cloth.

And THAT is racism.

Just When You Think You’ve Heard It All

When it comes to global warming or climate change or whatever the latest catch-word is for the biggest scam in the history of mankind, there is no end to the stupid arguments that are made to support the farce. Here’s the latest.

Climate change may have worsened deadly Texas cold wave, new study suggests

That’s right folks. Global warming is causing colder winters in Texas. You cannot make this shit up. It takes a college-educated idiot professor to come up with such outlandish ideas and think any sentient person would believe it. Yet millions will. And they will repeat it ad infinitum ad nauseam until you get it through your thick neanderthal skull that it’s time to get aboard the global slavery train.

Now, I can understand why the average Tom, Dick, or Harry, going about his daily business and trying to pay his bills without getting behind might not understand all the nuances of this argument, so let’s see if we can explain it in laymen’s terms.

The polar vortex is “a constant, upper-level low pressure area that rotates counter-clockwise at the North Pole and clockwise at the South Pole.” It is “held in place” by a strong wind called the Polar Jet Stream.

Polar Vortex

The polar vortex should not be confused with a type of storm. It is cold air current that occurs in an upper level of the atmosphere known as the stratosphere. The polar vortex contains some of the coldest air on Earth. The air is often contained by a strong jet of west-to-east moving winds that act like a wall, containing the cold air. These winds move at more than 161 kilometers (100 miles) per hour, which help lock the air into place. The vortex in the Northern Hemisphere is believed to have two centers—one in northern Canada near Baffin Island and another in northeastern Siberia. The Southern Hemisphere’s polar vortex is usually centered around the South Pole.


In the winter (in the northern hemisphere), the winds tend to weaken, causing the cold air from the Arctic to push south, bringing with them frigid temperatures and winter storms.

You’ve probably heard that the Arctic is losing its ice and polar bears will go extinct, but you’ve been lied to. Look at this chart copied from this page.

polar ice extent record from 1989 to present

There are three things of note from this record. The polar ice extent steadily decreases during the summer months and then rebounds as winter arrives. The amount of ice is less now than it has been historically (over the short term). From the nadir achieved in 2012, the ice extent has steadily grown, and 2021 appears to be emulating that trend.

There are questions that beg to be asked, based on these data. If global warming is actually occurring, then why is the Arctic ice extent increasing? And how does this supposed global warming (that is apparently weakening based on polar ice extent) affect the Polar Jet Stream?

Plow through this pro-global-warming report, and what do you find? (Bolded portions are my editing.)

Melting sea ice speeds up the warming of the Arctic because open water absorbs more heat. And that, in turn, leads to even more sea ice melting. In that vicious cycle, Arctic temperatures are rising twice as fast as the global average. And that’s reducing the temperature contrast that’s one of the jet stream’s main engines, Francis said.

More extreme and persistent swings in the jet stream may also be shaping a North American winter weather pattern that’s been common the past few years—a warm and dry West, especially California, and cold waves in the Eastern U.S.

“We think it takes two ingredients to make this pattern so robust. A lot of warm water off the West Coast, and warm conditions and declining sea ice in the western Arctic around Alaska. Both pump a big ridge in the jet stream along the West Coast,” she said. Then, a few thousand miles east, the jet stream dives south, bringing polar air to the East Coast.

See how the whole story depends on you believing that the Arctic ice extent is decreasing? And yet, you can see with your own eyes that it’s not. Yes, it has decreased from the median of 1989-2010, but it’s been increasing since its nadir in 2012.

You only have to look at the craziness associated with the COVID virus to realize that modern “science” is thoroughly infected with the disease of politics and liberalism and can no longer be trusted. In fact, very little of modern academics is free of the disease. And the results have real-world consequences for all of us.

The Devil Is In The Details

Down here in Texas, we’ve been having an old-fashioned feud over voting rights. Or, at least, that’s what it is if you believe the Democrats.

“Texas is ground zero in the fight for voting rights,” said Diana Gómez, advocacy manager for Progress Texas. “Texas Republicans have made it clear that they are terrified of our power and our votes, and that fear culminated in Governor Abbott’s toxic special session agenda.”

Jamarr Brown, co-executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, called it a “moral obligation” to speak out against the bills and for the lawmakers to do whatever they can to keep them from passing.

“Our Democratic legislators are showing the entire world — the entire world — what it means to hold the line on our fundamental rights,” he said.

Brown echoed concerns that the restrictions would inhibit people of color’s right to vote, specifically Black and Brown Texans.

“We fought too long and too hard for centuries. Black leaders and Black communities have organized and bought and struggled, and bled for the right to vote for the right and the freedoms have a stake in our future,” Brown said. “It’s time for the federal government to act.”

Texas Tribune
Voting rights advocates cheer on Dems
July 13, 2021 at 3:55 p.m.

Once you get past the racist hyperbole, an intelligent person would ask, “Well, what’s in the bill?” Of course, the media isn’t going to do that. They’re going to parrot the Democrat line. These bills are raaacciisstt. They discriminate against minorities and people of color.

So, what’s actually in the bill? Let’s take a look, shall we? Bill Analysis by the Constitutional Rights & Remedies Select Committee

  • Requires that a person registering to vote fill out the voter registration form themselves
  • Requires voter registrars to provide an affidavit regaring illegal registration or voting to the State Attorney General, the Texas Secretary of State, and the attorney having jurisdiction over the voting area
  • Allows any voter, no matter where they reside, to correct information in a voting record and requires the voter registrar to immediately correct the record as well as notify the correct registrar for where the voter now resides
  • Requires that if a candidate is unopposed they will be declared the winner of the election, if certified
  • Expands the number of counties that can use county-wide voting locations
  • Prohibits voting from your car unless you are eligible (local registrars in some areas of Texas had abused this in the last election, allowing any able-bodied person to take advantage of it)
  • Requires the Secretary of State to develop a standardized form for spoiled ballots
  • Establishes standardized hours for the opening and closing of voting locations statewide (some registrars abused that in the last election, unlawfully extending hours)
  • Extends early voting hours by one hour during weekdays
  • Entitles a voter who is standing in line when the polls close to vote, even though the polls are closed
  • Revokes the ability of registrars to create mobile voting locations (again, abused by some registrars in the last election)
  • Revokes the ability to vote for a straight party-line ticket (you must vote for each candidate you choose to)
  • Tightens up laws on poll watchers, requiring election officers to accept their complaints (instead of ignoring them)
  • Specifies that poll watchers have the right to observe ALL election procedures, including the handling of memory cards, as well as the transfer of election data and equipment to a central counting location
  • Revises the conduct constituting an offense by an election official to include knowingly obstructing a poll watcher from doing their job
  • Authorized legal relief, writs, and remedies for poll watchers who are obstructed
  • Requires that public tests of voting systems be announced 48 hours prior to the test, observed by election board members, if they so choose, and requires that they demonstrate that the code has not been compromised
  • Requires voter ID for vote-by-mail applications, that ink be used to fill in the application, and a witness signature
  • Requires that vote-by-mail ballots returned after the deadline for receipt be kept in a locked box until the legislated time for destruction has arrived
  • Strengthens signature verification rules for vote-by-mail ballot

The rest of the bill deals with people who are prone to conduct voter fraud, tightening up rules on assisting voters, prohibiting voter harvesting, and other practices that Democrats engage in routinely. You might ask what happened to the racist parts of the bill. Just wait. The media will explain it to you, and the Democrats will as well.

Or, you can opt to think for yourself and ignore all the bluster and bravado that passes for patriotism.

Biden is Pathetic

It’s not like this couldn’t have been predicted. In fact, many of our military leadership told Biden that Afghanistan would rapidly collapse if he went ahead and pulled out. But Biden wouldn’t listen to anyone. Oh no. He was hellbent on getting the US out of Afghanistan.

And now that the obvious has happened, what’s his response? We will hunt you down. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so bitterly sad and predictable.

Say, Joe, what are you going to hunt them down with? You’ve already handed the Taliban a goldmine of military equipment, including the latest in helicopter technology and artillery. And you’ve removed all our military assets in the region and left our troops standing bareass naked in the middle of absolute evil.

What are you going to do? Send in special forces? Into an absolute cesspool. With their hands tied to their backs. Prepare to bury a lot of really good warriors.

If you think thirteen dead is awful, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. A LOT more US soldiers are going to die in the coming days. The scumbags have the taste of blood in their mouths, and they’re already planning their next attack. I can just about guarantee you that at least the last plane out will be shot down, costing hundreds of lives.

They say that those who don’t remember their history are doomed to repeat it. As a veteran of the Vietnam era, and a founding member of Vietnam Veterans for Factual History I’m old enough to remember a planeload of babies that crashed trying to leave Saigon, killing 78 children.

The scenes in the coming days will outdo even the evil of communism in Vietnam. And Biden is powerless to stop it. He voluntarily stripped himself of any capability to strike back, and he doesn’t have the stomach for it anyway.

Very few Americans do. Many blanch at the sight of someone being insulted. But no worries. The media will gloss it all over and make it seem like a picnic in the park. What a disgusting world we now live in.

I’m Tired of the Lying

I’ll be honest. The last Presidential election took the wind out of my sails. I was astonished that Americans would stare blatant cheating in the face and not be outraged. Not be so outraged that they would not give up until the problem was exposed and resolved.

What irks me the most is the constant lying by the politicians and the media. I’m sick and tired of hearing that ubiquitous phrase “without evidence”. It’s the go-to phrase for the media and every leftist. Trump claims, without evidence, that the election was stolen. It’s a damn lie. There’s a ton of evidence. They’re just ignoring it. Dismissing it with a wave of the hand. Without evidence my ass.

If you are at all honest with yourself, you KNOW it’s true. You watched vote counts changing right before your eyes, and then the smarmy media jerks tell you that you didn’t see what you saw.

America has been lied to for so long, that far too many have gotten used to and accepted it. I get emails all the time encouraging me to donate to help Republicans regain the House. I have to laugh. Republicans are NEVER going to regain the House.

If you think that the Democrats won’t cheat in 2022, you’re deluding yourself. They stole the Presidency. They stole two Senate seats in Georgia. They stole my Congressman’s seat in 2018. The 2020 election was their watershed moment. They realized that they could steal the Presidency and get away with it. Until someone puts a stop to it, they’re not going to stop cheating.

I’ve watched America slide into communism since the 60s. It’s been a steady, relentless slide into the abyss. And now it looks like the communists have won. American’s apparently no longer have the stomach to fight for liberty.

That’s a sad thing today, but it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

I know some pollyannas will insist that there is still hope. That’s what I thought too. Until the radical left looked us square in the face and said, “Screw your vote. We’re taking this election, and every subsequent election, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

It was fun while it lasted.

Social Justice is a belief system no less intolerant than Islam

Jud Blakely … 9 April 2021

Spoiler Alert: the dictates of Social Justice are no less vicious and intolerant than the vicious and intolerant dictates of Islam…to which all within reach must either take a knee…or…take two knees. “Islam” means to submit—to obey the Koran, the Word of Allah…and “Social Justice” means the same thing—to worship (and evangelize) the sacred dictates of the Left.

Social Justice will soon be a robust theocracy with an Islamic-like zeal to subdue and convert the world…and so…the manically driven gladiators of the Left grind on to destroy we who oppose them. We can submit to them or be decimated by them…or we can refuse to submit or be decimated and NEVER cooperate or despair…and NEVER cease to oppose them.

Note: the Left has done to America what plastic surgeons did to Michael Jackson’s face…and even Bloods and Crips would cringe at that.

Me, personally…I wonder if Michael ever looked in the mirror and asked himself, “What planet am I from?”…or said to himself, “I forked over a lot of money to get this ‘I fell into a blender’ look.” I mean…MJ looked more like Mr. Potato Head than Mr. Potato Head…which is pretty much how the USA is looking as the Left and Dems rush to eviscerate the nation.

Their goal to eviscerate the nation was near success back in 2016 when it was blunted by we millions of voters who put Donald Trump in the White House…which delayed what the Left and Dems were planning to do. This horrifying defeat at the polls then generated the brazen fraud (and brazen coup) of 2020. What we’re seeing now is “Plan 2020” in action.

Plan 2016 was just slightly less incredibly insane—maybe—and incredibly brazen than Plan 2020…but their goals were absolutely the same.

The Left-run Democratic Party—and blessings be upon them—issues (day to day) what are the equivalents of “fatwas” in the Moslem world…which are interpretive views of some dictate of some mullah. Each is issued from some all-powerful niche of the Deep State…and each is issued to “save” a group of (duly accredited) victims from Nazi-loving white racists.

And so, CHOP-CHOP! Good Americans have to hurry-hurry and stop we inveterate white racists—ie, people who voted for Trump—from pulling off one more Genocidal outrage. We can’t be allowed to keep getting away with not doing what good Americans must do…which is what Lefties and Dems order us to accept as 100% true and 100% necessary, etc.

Note: people like me are now decried as immediate dangers to everybody who’s not white and not racist who keeps kissing Joe Biden’s ass.

In other words…we don’t attend the Church of Social Justice and refuse to pretend to believe the wanton Lies told 24-7-365 from all the bully pulpits and lurking niches of the vast “ecosystem” of the Left…and so…people like us are seen as unbelievers who hate the Better Future that everybody else believes in…and so…Joe’s Bidenistas will have to annihilate us…

…and so…the Bidenistas’ battle cry to redeem (and heal) America is this— “Hie, Hie, Hie; White Racists; Die, Die, Die!” I mean…no matter how the battle cry is recast to cloak its elemental appeal, the legions of barbarian pukes who chant it will assuredly know its deadly import and know, too, why they’re yowling in the streets like masses of feral cats in heat.

Me…I respect masses of feral cats in heat; what I don’t respect is masses of barbarian pukes yowling like them. YES!—Feral Cat Lives Matter.

The detestable uptick in calls for violent efforts to negate our opposition to Dems and Lefties—and Deep-State operatives of the New World Order—is not breaking news. We know that Social Justice has turned into the JIHAD we always knew it would be…and we know that Jihad is formidable in its unrelenting hatreds. Note: Charles Martel, call your office…now!

Bottom Line—a Jihad has no finish line but domination of every aspect of how people live. This is what Joe’s presidency will impose on us.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides near Mobile.

The regime’s Freak Show—we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet

Jud Blakely … 6 April 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyFun Fact: the American Left is the Democratic Party so the regime’s “freak show” is a candid revelation of both in action…and a candid indication of what to expect in months to come—a display of historical “Firsts” to prove Dems are dedicated to rectifying God’s errors on what genders are…who can compete in girls’ sports…which restroom to use…and so on.

Note: we (apparently) ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. I mean…the regime’s Freak Show appears to belong to the “Gender of the Week” club. If genders were a stock, it would’ve split as often as Mary Lou Retton on a balance beam… but a careful read of Gender for Hateful Morons has made abundantly clear to me—a hateful moron—how many genders I wasn’t aware of.

On a given day on planet earth…the exact number of genders is the exact number of inhabitants of planet earth…which is above 7 billion.

Fun Fact: we inhabitants are not locked into just one gender in any 24-hour period—you can switch to an alternative gender when you stop feeling like the gender you were just feeling like….and then, of course, you’re allowed to switch how you behave…and then, of course…we around you will have to adjust and switch how we behave so we give you full respect.

And so…every moment and every interaction in every observable place on planet earth will become a Safe Space…and every Safe Space will become a crime scene just waiting to happen when “full respect” appears not to be given. Me, personally…I look forward to the color-coding of genders and everybody having to wear a signal. Wow! Over 7 billion colors.

But, then…what pronoun is acceptable? Each gender rocks its own unique pronoun. We need Pronoun Studies grads to “illuminate” all this.

As grossly insane as the absurdities of the Left and Democratic Party seem, they are as crucial to Leftists and Dems as vegetables are to vegans. A Left devoid of impossible goals would no longer be the Left—would no longer be gallant fighters for social justice and a perfectible future. They would no longer attract all those who desperately believe in such a future.

This is why our efforts to reveal the impossible goals—and deadly effects— of the Left are so quickly set upon (and decried) by Lefties as vicious lies told by despicable bigots to help the rich exploit the poor. They don’t have to REFUTE what we say, they merely have to REJECT it. That’s enough for the adolescent hearts and minds of Leftist foot soldiers to accept.

Spoiler Alert: the absurdities of gender are not the headline act of the Left’s constant Freak Show as the Democratic Party…just one of many.

Out of power…the American Left toiled ferociously to destroy the concept of LIMITS in general. The goal was to inspire more and more people to feel they were held down by a vast and clever conspiracy of filthy rich bigots who kept them from being Free and Equal…and so…”real” Freedom and “real” Equality would have no limits. Welcome to Diversity 101.

In power…the “Leftocratic” Party has seen fit to declare a full-scale war on the Right—on we who oppose it—by redefining our words as Hate Speech and our actions as “terrorizing.” The goal is to destroy us. The larger goal is to intimidate and neuter the non-Left. So far, so good. This is what the Left excels at doing…and this is what the Freak Show is all about.

As targets, we are meant to regard the Freak Show as so implausibly absurd that we can’t make a serious case for why it poses such a danger.

Note: our case hinges on a defense of Limits in behalf of the Greater Good of the nation…but the Left retorts that the only acceptable Limits are those applied—with no mercy—to we who oppose NO Limits. As soon as the Leftocratic bosses do away with us and secure their rule…they will default on their payoffs to the Freak-Show pawns who helped them win.

Bottom Line—for now…the Freak-Show pawns feel Victorious with a sense of unfaltering support and with more admiration to come. LOL!

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides near Mobile.

The nature and effects of ingratitude on the US since the ‘60s

Jud Blakely … 29 March 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyThe gross ingratitude and fulminating scorn that have come to mirror the outlook of more and more young Americans since the 1960s are proof that Archimedes had it right—”Give me a place to stand (and a lever) and I shall move the world.” The Lefties took that as gospel. They began to take over Higher Ed 50-plus years ago as “Step 1” to taking over the nation.

So began the “Long March through the institutions” that has slowly warped our nation into a putrid dictatorship run by mental and moral degenerates in service to the New World Order…and yet…our current crop of young people join our former crops of young people in hailing the demise of the “last best hope of earth.” Such perfect (and unreflective) pawns.

Since the 1960s…a huge fraction of young people has moved on from the campus with a passion to destroy the victimizers of the helpless.

Of course…the actual “victimizers of the helpless” were the fanaticized Leftists who were victimizing them by training them in what to think, not how to think…and what was chanted into their empty minds was that the US had always been—and would always be—an implacably Evil force in the world. This astonishing Lie has never lost its allure for them.

This Lie is astonishing because it’s so baldly untrue and so simple to reveal and refute…or would be IF current—and former—young people had been taught how to think instead of what to think. The key to their belief in this astonishing Lie is that they have no inclination—and no mental skills—to deal with people who express a view that doesn’t echo their own.

Any view that doesn’t echo their own will be decried and then interdicted as “hate speech.” I know—this comes as a surprise to none of us.

Even so…those are the precise birds and bees of how the American nation has been slowly and relentlessly done away with…and why we appear to be beyond an “existential” Point of No Return. The chill speculation about winning the House and Senate in 2022…then winning the presidency in 2024—HOLA! We’ll be “Venezuela del Norte” well before then.

I mean…who are the Leaders and Legislators we’re going to send into the Swamp to outsmart and outwork the Deep State…which is now deeper and more formidable than during its grand success in ousting Trump? Isn’t this what we thought we were voting for in Bush, McCain, and Romney? We ended up voting for NO blood…NO toil…NO sweat…NO tears.

Bush represented NOT us but America’s ruling class and the interests of his family. In essence…they were the same. Romney—same, same.

John McCain was the single worst person to be nominated by “our” Party for a long time. Then again…not even the second coming of Abe Lincoln could have beaten the Great Black Hope in 2008. By 2008…nearly all the pieces of the Left’s puzzle to eviscerate the intangible bonds of the nation were in place. BHO then began a calibrated assault on “racists.”

This assault on ubiquitous legions of white (male) racists—who didn’t exist outside the fabricated bubble of the Left—has been botoxed and thrust up into the historical “lever” that has not merely moved the American world but relocated it along a path to crony socialism…which is all that socialism has ever been—all it can ever be—a ruling clique willing to kill.

The unarrested ascent of American socialism (AmSoc) is based on a flu-like sense of rote outrage set within a feeling of haughty ingratitude…

…and haughty ingratitude in the young—since the 1960s—is what has sped along with the steady creep of socialism by making them ever more vulnerable to what socialism vows to create…which is a Garden of Eden 2.0 after we “patriotic” racists have been rooted out and done away with. Until we are done away with via this inquisition…real progress can’t be made.

Bottom Line—rote outrage in egocentric faux Liberals and young dingbat zealots (who harken to socialism) is haughty ingratitude at work.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides near Mobile.

Turns out, America’s just one more historical fluke

Jud Blakely … 23 March 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyAnd so…time passing and human nature have had their way. As a result, the great historical fluke of the American nation is dead and gone—as dead and gone as real journalism, fans at ball games, the Roman Empire, etc. In short…the good effects of prosperity have always generated the forces that destroy a nation. Is America’s death simply a validation of Fate?

I’m NOT saying, “Oh, well, rock on.” Hardly. I mean…this snuffing of the American Dream and curbing of American power has been a dedicated project of global uber-elites and Lefties for 50-plus years, a project born— and given wings—by the failures of America’s leaders from the 1960s on, a record just slightly offset by Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

The American nation has never been immune to falling apart—no nation ever has been. Can the “Center” hold? That’s what matters most.

I mean…no nation can survive—as a nation—if the intangibles of faith that bind a population come to be deprecated by enough people and lose their power to inspire and assure. Note: as Americans begin to reckon with our “End of Days”…what we’re dealing with is just our version of what Athens and Rome had to endure in their long periods of decline and fall.

Our period as a dominating nation has proven to be both exceptional and fleeting. The nature of our democratic state was boldly unlike either Rome or Athens and the monarchial states of Europe in the mid-1700s. What the Founders of our nation “founded” was remarkable for what it was…and for what it wasn’t. They knew how corrupt human beings could be.

In 1787, these guys agreed on a Constitution that was written to keep the corruptible nature of human beings at bay. We didn’t to do that.

Think “rock, scissors, and paper” for how the Check & Balance system of the Constitution is meant to block the conspiracies of bad people in power who gang up to feather their own nests. But the Constitution is words on paper. The Constitution has no fangs, it has no claws. All the Constitution has is our belief in those words…and our resolve to enforce them.

We voted for people who said they’d defend the Constitution in word and deed. Most of those we voted for did not. What they chose to defend were their own careers in ways that added to the hateful—and insane—efforts of the Democratic Party and the Left…and Mitt Romney was only one among many. They are all craven opportunists who chose to betray us.

They chose NOT to defend the rule of law. They chose NOT to defend our values and virtues. They chose NOT to defend America’s future.

In other words…each and every one of them CHOSE to stand aside and not oppose the Left. I’ll translate: they backed down and backed away…and the effect of what they didn’t do was a choice to help further the historical project of the Left to destroy our nation. Not only did they not fight bravely or effectively, they didn’t fight at all—they buddied up to the Left.

Of course, the question is…WHY? And the answer is…WHY NOT? The Left-run Democratic Party knows more about how to bribe, scare, charm, and seduce such people than Wall Street knows about greed and the NBA about taking a knee. They may not have written the book but they’ve read it (cover to cover) and are masters in the application of its ploys.

There is always a reason—a motive—that incites people to act in ways that betray the trust others have placed in them. No motive is unique.

Over the millenniums from before Egypt to 2021…has human nature been broken like a stallion and made to behave? NO and NO…nor will humans ever be susceptible to that without the ploys that Greed, Charm, and Fear provide…which is how the patient—and innovative—Left has been able to bring enough Americans to hate our nation and help to destroy it.

Bottom Line—our nation was born in bondage and has been guided back into bondage for a number of decades now. We’re almost there.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides near Mobile.

Liberals toke on Lies—potheads toke on weed

Jud Blakely … 28 February 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyLiberals and potheads have so much in common. True, I kid you not. I mean…Liberals get high by sucking up the continuum of absurd Lies of the Left while potheads—is that still a term?—get high by sucking up weed and chillin’—are those still terms? I mean…God forbid that I appropriate passè and uncool terms, then deploy such uncool terms to make a point.

Unlike Bill Clinton…both Liberals and potheads have been inhaling for as long as inhaling has been, like, a thing…and the effect of overtoking on Lies and weed is pretty much the same—Liberals tend to inhale more Lies and potheads tend to inhale more weed. By doing so, Liberals get more locked in and potheads get more spaced out…and the country goes tits up.

Thing is…Liberals have not been effectively Liberals for many years. What Liberals have been is faithful auxiliaries in service to America’s Left.

If Truth in Advertising were real…then Liberals would have to “rebrand” as something like—I gotta be honest—the Slightly Less Crazy Left…although I may need to reconsider the “slightly” part. I mean…Liberals are very, very good at seeming to be humble—but firm—gladiators just fighting to defend our morals, our values, our future, etc. Trump? They despise him.

Accordingly, they despise us—or support those who do—since we are cast by the Left as genocidal racists and inveterate bigots who are obviously the biggest threat to making America REALLY free, REALLY equal, and REALLY fair…which is REALLY bullshit…but, hey, what’s new? This is simply what the Left does—create Lies, deploy Lies. It works…and always has…

…and always will…if enough people can be made to dismiss and ignore what bodies of recent—or historical—facts affirm as True and Real.

But the Left abhors facts—abhors what facts can prove is impartially True and impartially Real. Having to live within a world that can discern facts, regards free speech as a crucial right, and finds nothing wrong when people don’t agree…Lefties are fish out of water. The Left’s vision of the future is an overtoker’s delight. In power, the Left has always been a plague.

I mean…except for the Left’s “vision” being a fantastical cartoon…and the Left’s record in power of generating squalor and despair—all good!—not to mention the bouts of carnage that accompany the squalor and despair. Got to follow the facts—you know…give credit where credit is due. Lefties in power (as a regime) have never once failed to achieve their goal.

Note: their goal is power AS POWER—to extend and harden their hold on power…and to cancel (annihilate) any who dispute “the regime.”

Their animating goal has never been—and will never be—to bring about the Free-Equal-Fair “balance point” they claim is waiting to emerge as soon as all the racists, bigots, and capitalists are done away with. The hard-core leaders of the Left are focused on power—on nothing but power. To them, power is not a means to achieve an end, power is (itself) the end.

This is old news to students of the Left but is blithely denied by Liberals who seem incapable of owning up to what they are…which is either dupes and pawns (auxiliaries) of the Left…or willing foot soldiers—in the army of new barbarians—who mock and dismiss facts and truth because what is REAL outs the record of the Left as a conspiracy of demons and leeches.

Note: demons and leeches need the support of millions of dupes and pawns to adequately mislead (and subvert) a population as large as ours.

If not for millions of Liberals overtoking on the blatant Lies of Lefties…the conspiracy of the Left could not have taken over the key institutions that we depend on to shape and defend our culture and nation. If not for cringing egocentric Liberals who were too afraid to support facts and truth…the Left would have kept on being no more than a fish flailing on a bank.

Bottom Line––the demons and leeches of the Left—and the Liberals who ensured their triumph—both regard facts and truth as extraneous.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.