From All Lies All the Time to ALL LIES ALL THE TIME

Jud Blakely … 9 January 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyIn terms of LIES…what counts are SIZE and REPETITION and KILLING THE TRUTH each and every second of each and every day—no matter where even a faint glimmer of the smallest and most humble truth may emerge— for there is no greater threat to a despotism than even small and humble truths that aren’t done away with the very instant they dare appear…

…as more and more Americans are going to learn in the days and months ahead as the lackeys of the New World Order in DC go about the business of shoving “The Great Reset” down our throats. As Americans…our role is now to accept and hail what our self-exalting new masters in DC tell us to accept. As Americans…we’ll have to applaud “all lies all the time.”

What this will soon amount to is every “news” outlet acting as even more of a hallelujah chorus for the Biden White House and the Left, etc…

…and this means that every news outlet will hawk all the necessary lies that must be told to bolster the Fundamental Lie that The Great Reset is the only hope for prosperity, for planet earth, and for (fill in blank). But in fact…The Great Reset is nothing but a version of Feudalism all tarted up with Botox, new lipstick, and a global army of unwavering vassals and lapdogs.

Note: the Democratic Party has been the New World Order’s “boots on the ground” here for over 30 years now. The thinly veiled goal of the Party has been to inflame and demoralize the nation—to dissolve the bonds that no nation can do without—then subvert and take over the crucial institutions that we depend on. That goal was achieved (in full) on January 6th.

Note: it has become quite clear that the Republican Party is merely a silent (and sycophantic) partner of the Dems in the success of their coup.

Only a handful of “our” office holders has chosen to stand up against the unrelenting barrage of Lies…and unrelenting barrage of threats…that have been leveled at them—at all Americans—who voted for Donald Trump and freedom and a decent future for our country and our kids…and for their kids and their kids and… We’re who the Republican Party has sold out.

My disgust and disdain for most Republican “leaders” is beyond my writing skills to capture (adequately) in this column. They seem very much like the platoon leaders—in combat—who were (deservedly) killed by their own troops in Vietnam for failing to lead. I didn’t blame the troops in 1967—I don’t blame the troops in 2021. One leads well…or dies trying.

Spoiler Alert: how many Republican leaders now would be judged worthy (by their troops) in combat? My guess is…not very damn many.

We have been aware for many years—for three decades or more—that the Democratic Party was slowly “reinventing” itself as a frenzied crusade to save the nation…save humanity…and save the planet. No issue was just an issue to be dealt with, each issue was an existential crisis—and each crisis was an apocalypse lurking (and growing) just barely out of sight.

In other words, the sky was falling…and we didn’t know it was falling—or the sky was about to fall…and we didn’t care. Well…what the Democratic Party had done was decide to tell voters that life on earth would end before the next Harry Potter book came out. Many non-Dems (like me) said this was astonishing bullshit and that J.K. Rowling was going to sue.

Note: by some miraculous fluke…the next Harry Potter book came out on time and life on earth kept on not coming to a “super-nova” end.

The Democratic Party’s bald and endless lies to save the nation were bad enough…but when the Dems started fabricating a steady blizzard of gaudy and glaring lies to SAVE humanity and SAVE the planet…I mean…WOW!!! I mean…greedy white male bigots (like me) figured that—even for Dems— this would be “a cosmic hoax too far.” Nope…they pulled it off.

Bottom Line––and that, my friends, is the story of how All Lies All the Time has become ALL LIES ALL THE TIME…with many more to come.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

I’m an American – I will fight on – I will never give in

Jud Blakely … 6 January 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyAs I begin to write this column…the date is January 5th and the time reads 11:40 AM here in south Alabama…which means we’re within 24 hours of seeing whether STEP 1 of saving and recovering our Nation—of saving and recovering our American Way of Life—will be taken in Congress. Note: if Congress fails to perform its duty, some kind of civil war will ensue.

On the other hand…if Congress does perform its duty, some kind of civil war will ensue. What remains to be seen is what kind of civil war—what kind of outcry, what kind of turmoil, how violent the turmoil is likely to be, and how long the turmoil is likely to engulf us—how deeply will it invade our lives and further split and warp our families into Left and Right.

Note: the only outcome WORSE than a civil war is that Americans remain passive and allow Congress to give Joe Biden a clean bill of health.

Joe Biden is made of treason and motivated by greed…but Joe’s a perfect match for Sen. Harris, his egregiously vile running mate who gives whoring a bad name. They belong in front of a grand jury, not within a short walk of the White House. Each of them is an unindicted felon…each is also an unindicted traitor…and both fully exemplify the “morals” of the Left.

All the leading lights of the Democratic Party—and too many of the leading lights of the Republican Party—are blithely corrupt and have taken a knee to any suitor willing to fork over a big enough bribe. If taking such blood money draws them into a web of treason…well, that’s just the nature of the game. The game is Money & Power. That’s what “serving” means.

Are there now enough uncorrupted leaders to stand up and fight to rescue and rebuild our nation…and to rescue and rebuild our Way of Life?

What Congress does within 24 hours—to deal with the cesspool of stolen and fabricated votes—will begin to (more clearly) sort out politicians who are corrupt from those who appear not corrupt…or maybe just less corrupt. I mean…both legislative bodies are highly suspect based on self-enriching pork (and payoffs) hidden in the buried details of voluminous bills.

Look…there are millions of Americans who strive every day to repulse the attacks by the Left on what remains of our Way of Life. We don’t need to be regaled on what’s at stake…what we need are dedicated leaders who stand, who fight, and who will NEVER give in—NEVER. This is assuredly not a Mitch McConnell or smarmy sell-outs like a Mitt Romney.

As devastating plagues go, RINOs make Covid seem like a hickey on your neck. RINOs give help and cover to the forces out to destroy us.

Such corrupt big-wigs have been woven into the efforts—and fraternity—of the New World Order for a number of years. Do they agree with the vision and goals of those pushing for The Great Reset? Does it matter? All that matters is what they do. All that matters is what they are willing to do. All that matters is what they are willing to risk to rebuild our nation.

Note: if they’re not willing to risk ALL they have, they better get the hell out of Dodge because most of us are willing to risk all we have. They’re going to have to show Americans—to prove to us—who they stand with and what they stand for. They have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They have two choices—an honest result for Trump…or a stolen result for Biden.

No reasonable adult can object—in a reasonable way—to making sure that many thousands of votes were not stolen. So…Biden won? LOL.

There is a mixing of dismay and hubris on the Left, in the Democratic Party, and in the Directorate of the New World Order. They knew—or figured— that Sleepy Joe would be a shoo-in…and that the final (short) chapter in the downfall of America would begin on January 20th when Hunter’s old man (and role model) took the oath of office. Yeah…let freedom ring.

Bottom Line––keep track of who doesn’t stand for an honest result in the 2020 vote. Traitors and cowards will have a LOT to answer for.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is simply an exorbitant racket

Jud Blakely … 1 January 2021

picture of Jud BlakelyAs a concept, race has become an incredible scam. Critical Race Theory is nothing more than a malevolent child of this incredible scam in the form of a crusade. This crusade seeks to divide not only whites from blacks but also blacks from blacks and whites from whites. Its premise is based on a jumble of notions…but CRT in action is simply an exorbitant racket.

To CRT thinkers, evangelists, and trainers…CRT boils down to power—who has power (whites) and who doesn’t have power (blacks). This is simply a version of Marx with a dominating racial class (whites) having the power to exploit a dominated racial class (blacks). Skin color is only a secondary badge. What matters is which side a person has chosen to support.

Blacks who reject the victim role are scorned…and whites who reject the victimizer role are scorned. What matters is “belief,” not skin color.

Lest we forget…”Race” is a concept, not a legitimate fact arrived at through the routine steps of science at work. In other words…the concept of race is nothing but an integrated body of allegations with no attempt to back it up with an integrated body of (vetted) facts. As a result…race—as a concept— has been turned into demagogic Kool-Aid in behalf of hateful aims.

Were it not for hateful aims, CRT would be devoid of aims. The purpose of CRT is to shame, intimidate, and extort from whites an open-ended ransom called reparations…for the lasting historical damage that slavery has done to blacks…despite the glaring fact that no American whites in 2020 have a thing to do with the institution of slavery that ended 155 years ago.

If reparations are owed race to race…then reparations are owed to whites by blacks. Some 400,000 Union troops would die in the Civil War.

There were (roughly) 200,000 blacks who served on the Union side…and (roughly) 40,000 died, most from disease…as did most white troops. What sane calculation results in whites owing blacks a few trillion in reparations for dying to end slavery? Note: we no longer reside in a sane world…not since the Democratic Party became a sword and shield for the Left.

If reparations are owed to blacks, then it would be the Democratic Party— in a “sane” world—who is responsible to cough up the ransom. Of course, paying the ransom will not cancel the debt, it will only affirm that a sucker is vulnerable to more demands for a ransom…and more demands will then be made…and then even more reparations will be paid…and etc.

From 1965 on, the programs of LBJ’s Great Society came to destroy black families and what we can’t stop calling the “black community.”

Note: there is no black community. A community is a face to face and day to day “organism” of people interacting with each other…and, yes…there is also no white community. I mean…what’s THE white community? I have no clue. The racist blacks who front reparations have never defined for me what the “WHITE community” is. I mean…they haven’t told me.

The great contribution of CRT will be to finish the work of the Great Society and consign blacks to an even deeper abyss of dependency and hatred for over 80 million white pigeons like me. I mean…we didn’t vote for Joe Biden so—case closed—we despise blacks and our only goal is to keep on victimizing you. As for law and order…we can do without that.

CRT has no real finish line and, thus, a state of social justice can never be achieved. There will always be villains who must be rooted out. Note: the head barkers of Critical Race Theory are getting rich off training white people to accept that we are so racist that we can’t even appreciate how racist we are…but they will inform us because they can decode and reveal all the ways we offend blacks every time we take a breath. To visit the moral high ground, we’ll have to contact Al Sharpton Tours.

Bottom Line––the goose-step progress of CRT across America keeps telling me—again and again—that we shoulda picked our own cotton.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

The line we have to hold…(11-3)…The war we have to win

Jud Blakely … 31 December 2020

picture of Jud BlakelyIn news that shouldn’t be news…China has been at war with America for a long time—for the exact number of decades that America has NOT been at war with China. It gets worse. America has been China’s key benefactor in Beijing’s long—ever more intense—war to turn us into a “junior partner” of the cagey and patient sociopaths whose last export was Covid-19.

I mean…America has done almost as much to bolster the genocidal regime of China as the regime itself…and, yeah…it gets worse. We’ve done almost as much to subvert and cripple America as the regime itself—you know, the regime that’s the current incarnation of Mao Tse Tung. Note: Mao killed far more people than both Hitler and Stalin yet the Left adores him.

But the line We have to hold—and the war We have to win—is right here in America. Our battle is for hearts and minds in behalf of freedom.

YES…we must wage an unrelenting and open-ended war against the Lords of communism in Beijing. We must pound them to their knees. We must not waver or pause. We must punish them with no mercy. We must attack them with the same ruthless dedication they have shown against us…and which so many corrupt politicians here have been bribed to support.

Over the span of a single generation, millions of Americans have fallen for the deadly views—and absurd myths—planted (and cultivated) by the Left. Born during and just after World War Two…my cohort was the soft target chosen by the Left to be slowly and exquisitely molded (on campus) into a “hallelujah chorus” to affirm the Lie that America was a raging Evil.

That incredible Lie was given legs by opposition to the Vietnam War…then armed with wings and talons and fangs over the past 30-plus years. That incredible Lie has been the single most influential factor in the day to day climate of public life over (roughly) the past 10-plus years—ever since Barack turned into a black version of the Grand Dragon of a black version of the Klan—ever since he damned the Right for teaming up to ensure that millions of blacks would remain poor, hapless, and buried in crime.

If the 2020 Presidential vote is not opened up—like a corpse in a morgue— and given the same microscopic exam…then have no doubt that warfare is going to ensue if Joe Biden is waved on into the White House. A very dark and very tumultuous period is likely to engulf us. What occurs during this period—and beyond it—can’t be known…not until we endure it.

Politicians who okay the unverified results of the 2020 vote are either on the take…or…want their cut for selling out America and freedom.

This is why 11-3 will eclipse 9-11—and Pearl Harbor—by far as the single most devastating attack on our Way of Life and our nation. Unless we go to battle stations NOW…the Constitution, our Way of Life, and our nation will come to exist in name only. We’ll be reconfigured by The Great Reset into a puppet in the great puppet show of the New World Order.

But engineering the End Days of America and freedom is just business as usual for the unrelenting Left, the Democratic Party, RINOs, the “Inside the Beltway” gang, and the Deep State. The inner-circle of omnipotent chiefs who runs the New World Order is now a week (or so) away from seizing our nation. Alas, treason must pay—and especially as a career.

Joe Biden has made a career out of being corrupt and working the treason game like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers worked a dance floor.

Note: that dance floor is very crowded what with thousands of Dems and RINOs—and Deep-State types—all trying to dance with a small handful of America’s most unforgiving foes. I mean…some people are happy to betray their mom and dad for 30 pieces of silver. In fact…most are happy to sell out their family, our country, and our future for a whole lot less.

Bottom Line––if Joe Biden is affirmed by the treason and bald chicanery of this coup…November 3, 2020 is “a date that will live in infamy.”

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

Do not go gentle. Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Jud Blakely … 26 December 2020

“Do not go gentle” is a poem (1947) by Dylan Thomas on how to deal with death closing in. Thomas says, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” As year 2021 closes in…his words are a resonating call to arms for we who strive to prevent the looming death of freedom in what—not long ago—was celebrated as the Land of the Free. Will America go dark in 2021?

Note: if we fail to prevent Joe Biden from occupying the White House, then America will, indeed, go darker and darker…and…if we fail to prevent the two Georgia Dems from being seated in the Senate, then America will turn darker and darker much sooner. Freedom will fade (and vanish) within a year or so. Our Apocalypse is NOW—our Judgment Day is NOW.

Thank God for Donald Trump. If “The Donald” were even just slightly less “invincible”—as a person—then America would be dead and gone.

But America is neither dead nor gone because you and I are neither dead nor gone…nor are we afraid to engage—and seek to destroy—the Left, the Democratic Party, the Deep State, and the whole rabid infestation of hacks, goons, operatives, and hustlers of the New World Order…all those who carry out the NWO’s continuing orders to engage us and destroy us.

Over the past 30 years…the Republican Party has slunk to being a “Lite” version of the Democratic Party. We who believe in—and support—our Constitution have been without a formal “gladiator” fighting in behalf of what we believe in. The reasons are simple. Too many Republicans are just as greedy and self-adoring and craven as the Dems we despise.

This cohort of gutless and avaricious frauds has sold out America’s future— with no hesitation—again and again…and so…we are where we are.

They feel secure—far beyond the reach of our wrath. To be “unelected” to keep serving in the Senate or Congress is a minor blow to their status and a jolting insult to their ego…but most will leave with a bloated bank balance, a lifetime income from having served, and many contacts from which more money can be made. Note: this despicable scam is hardly a secret.

The laming of America by the dedicated Left crept along from one furtive triumph to a next furtive triumph from the late-1960s on…as Lefties came to control the core institutions that shape and guard our culture. We never rose to oppose them. We never rose to defend Truth, Facts, and Freedom of Speech. Republicans? They sold us out for money and status.

As 2021 closes in—and with America on the verge of going dark—we on the Right must support and defend the Constitution on our own.

In raging against the dying of the light, we must not go gentle…but make no mistake…we must do this in savvy and adjustable ways, not erupt in bursts of ineffective anger. The leaders of the circles of Hate America forces do expect us to make loud noises but don’t expect us to stand and fight. When have we? Yeah…Never. All Bluster; No Action—that’s our MO.

Rage is pretty much anger on steroids that may burn brighter and may take longer to burn itself out…but rage will burn itself out…so rage is nothing to rally around and seek to sustain. The power of rage can only be applied in a moment and is more a hammer than a scalpel. What we’re going to need are scalpels that we know how to apply…and where and when.

The allied forces of Hate America make unimpeded use of both hammers and scalpels in their “long march” to divide us and conquer us…

…which they are now within one final and spectacular scam of being able to pull off…as they were not able to pull off in 2016. Note: the Left cannot exist if envy-driven hatred is not kept boiling at a fever pitch…and stirring up a climate of mortal fear to divide blacks and whites is child’s play for the tireless operatives of the Left, the Dems, the Sorosistas, and etc.

Bottom Line––no matter what…we can’t accept Joe Biden. Hell, No!—we Stand and we Fight…no matter what. We STAND. We FIGHT.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

Our corrupt Democracy has become a dictatorship in drag

Jud Blakely … 21 December 2020

picture of Jud BlakelyThe blurry (but captivating) VISION that impels both Communism and our fake Democracy is just the same––EQUALITY. And by “Equality”…what I mean is a rigid obedience to what is hailed as Equality in every aspect and every minute of one’s private life and public life. Spoiler Alert: in due time, a “private life” will come to be feared as a lurking threat to Equality.

Our Democracy is deeply and implacably corrupt. It’s become––over the past six decades––a dictatorship in drag, a dictatorship that decks itself out as what it isn’t…which is a servant of “The People” doing the work of what The People want. Hah! Not hardly. What we call Democracy runs day to day based on the overriding aims of the Deep State––ie, the Swamp.

These overriding aims reflect a warped version of what most Americans say we want––we do want Equality…butwe don’t want Social Justice.

Social Justice is nothing more than a Fetish set within a Fetish set within–– you guessed it––a Fetish. What I mean is…Social Justice is an impossible dream…set within the impossible dream of a perfect Future…set within the impossible dream of people who have been crafted to be perfect. What I mean is…people molded to be free of selfish and competitive urges.

Note: legal Equality––that is…Equality before the Law––has never actually been a routine fact of life for millions of Americans. Even so, for millions and millions of us…Equality before the Law is, indeed, a fact (more or less) of our lives. Unfair? Yes. Does America need to do better? Yes. But who gets to decide what “better” is? Who gets to judge the results…etc?

The first (and last) question is always “who”––WHO decides what “better” is…WHO judges the results…WHO applies the orders, etc? WHO?

Here’s the answer: for some decades now…the “Who” has been the ever more closely integrated lords, vassals, auxiliaries, minions, and energetic serfs of the New World Order…which is––Heads Up––the feudal system in a new wrapper right off the discount shelf of “Ploys ‘R Us.” The American branch of the NWO is known as––you guessed it––the Deep State.

We began to stop being a voter-driven type of democracy in the mid-’60s when the Great Society’s War to rescue the poor began…in concert with a second War that aimed to rescue, assimilate, and make historical amends to Blacks. Alas…the Great Society’s storm of initiatives––in hot pursuit of a mirage––would come to poison and debase all of American life.

Note: the abject desolation of Black families is among the many crimes of those initiatives which have proven to be an unremitting plague.

But, hey…what’s the desolation of a race (or two) when the future of both humanity and the planet are at stake? I mean…so what? We can’t rescue and redeem billions of people if we don’t break a few eggs along the way. The faster we move, the sooner we hasten into being a future––a mirage–– where all us humans are absolutely FREE and EQUAL and SAFE.

Sure…it may take only a village to raise a child…but…it’s gonna take a New World Order to save humanity, save the climate, and reorganize and save this fragile 3rd rock from the sun. I mean…how did the planet ever survive for billions of years before we crashed the party and made Gaia break into more tears than an alligator about to feed? Note: YAY FOR US!

Wait…let me correct that. YAY for the American branch of the New World Order––ie, cheers for the Democratic Party and the Deep State!

Spoiler Alert: a noun is always up for grabs. A noun is just an empty space waiting for a definition––a meaning––to compete with other definitions and other meanings…and EQUALITY is the single most significant noun in the existential war about to blow up between Left and Right. We on the Right have failed to adequately defend what Equality is…and must be.

Bottom Line––freedom is dead if we allow the Democratic Party and the Left to hijack what Equality means. Our future is about a noun.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

They’re Lying To You About Votes

I ran across this Bill Binney tweet which motivated me to create a spreadsheet to see what’s really going on.

WTH? How does this make any sense at all? So, I took a look at the numbers. Here’s what I found.

Biden plus Trump Total Votes = 155,482,063

Voter Turnout Nationwide = 67.69%

Total Votes Nationwide As Reported By The States = 145,060,483

These two do not equate. The total number of phantom votes that appear out of nowhere is 13,141,081. (This is the DecisionDeskHQ totals compared to the state-reported totals.) IOW, someone is massively lying.

The spreadsheet doesn’t format very well on this page, so I’m providing screenshots. You can download it from the link above.

Against All Odds Trump Has Won

What’s the one thing that President Trump has done consistently since the beginning of his Presidency?

He has abided by the law and refused to act extrajudicially, as Obama so often did with his pen and his phone. It has cost him. He had to endure three years of a bogus investigation by a Special Council about which all he did was complain. He had the power to stop it, but he didn’t. He had to endure an impeachment for crimes he did not commit.

He’s had to put up with the appalling amount of corruption that exists in every part of the Executive Branch and fight it lawfully when he could. He has had to coax and cajole the Department of Justice to act lawfully. He insisted on using the powers given to him in a lawful manner even when it hindered his progress or allowed the media to paint him as unlawful falsely.

He has used the courts to win many cases because his actions were law-abiding and the courts saw that. Obama, on the other hand, often lost in court because he usurped power that belonged to the other branches of the government or exercised power that he did not have.

From the beginning, Trump has honored federalism and exercised his power as a President should. He respected the states and insisted that they use their powers to fight COVID-19 rather than assuming a top-down approach, which every one of his predecessors would have done, including Reagan and as so many have demanded.

Now he’s in the most important fight of his Presidency, saving the Republic from a takeover by hostile forces (both foreign and domestic) that used massive cheating to steal the election from him.

What has his reaction been? To use every lawful means to overcome cheating and rescue the victory that was his all along.

Now, as it appears to the average, uninformed observer, that he is losing the battle, as the media and the left seek to drown him out with their insistence that Biden has won the Presidency, some of his followers, in desperation, want him to invoke the Insurrection Act and take over the country by force if necessary.

By demanding that, they reveal that they have never really understood Trump. Very few have.

If there is one overarching theme to the Trump Presidency, it is that he abides by the law. He does not abuse his power. He will not abuse it now. He will use the law and the Constitution to win the final victory. It’s ironic that the one charge laid the most against him is that he abuses his power.

On January 6, Congress will meet to vote for President. This act happens every four years yet few notice. It’s thought to be a mere formality, a rubber stamp of the people’s will. It is not. It is the final Constitutional check against tyranny. Trump understands that. Few others do.

On January 6, Congress will meet in joint session. Vice President Pence, Trump’s most loyal supporter, will be the Presiding Officer. He will announce the votes for each state in alphabetical order. When he opens the certificates from the state of Arizona, a thunderclap will wake the American people from their sleep.

Arizona has two competing sets of electors. One set is for Biden. The other set is for Trump. This conflict must be resolved. There will be objections raised to the “official” set of electors, which will force Congress to reconvene in their separate chambers to debate the issue for two hours.

The House will accept the Biden electors. The Senate will accept the Trump electors. The person who will determine the outcome is Pence. His decision will be to reject both sets of electors since Congress will be unable to resolve the issue.

The debate over each contested state’s electors will take two hours. Then Congress will reconvene in joint session to resolve the conflict, resulting in the rejection of both sets of electors. Each time this process occurs will take two hours of debate in each chamber followed by objections from the floor in the joint session, which will be handled by Pence. The entire process will take a minimum of 13 hours and likely much longer.

Once the entire slate of electors has been unsealed, the result will be that neither candidate has sufficient votes to be declared the winner. The electors from Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin will have been rejected. Trump will have 232 electoral votes. Biden will have 227.

Tempers will flare. Emotions will be frayed. The Democrats will be outraged. They may even walkout in protest. But, at the end of the day, the President’s election will take place in the House. The House will elect Donald J. Trump as President because each state gets one vote, and Republicans control 26 delegations.

The entire process will have been done legally, according to the Constitution, and no one will be able to say (although many will) that Trump was not legally elected. Even his enemies will have to grudgingly admit that he was legally elected.

And Trump will once again emerge triumphant because he has stood up for the Constitution and the rule of law. Any other powers that Trump exercises will also be done lawfully and Constitutionally. Because that is the true legacy of Donald J. Trump.

People who voted for Joe Biden voted to betray our future

Jud Blakely … 13 December 2020

picture of Jud BlakelyAfter the coronation of Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris––may blessings be upon them—the wizards, SWAT teams, evangelists, minions, and drones of The Great Reset will get crackin’ on turning North America into South America. Fans of destitution on the way are dancing in the streets. A billion phony votes to pop the clutch on social justice and save the planet. Yay!

“Give me a place to stand…and a lever…and I will move the earth.” Said by Archimedes a couple thousand years ago…this is pretty much what the Left has done to warp our culture and rape our country. If I may—“Give us a place to hide…and access to the young…and we will slowly divide you and conquer you.” Yeah. Spot on. We’ve given America to them.

Do decent Americans no longer know Evil when we see Evil? Has decent come to mean that we can’t be as focused and ruthless as they are?

What outrage must we suffer before we take unmerciful steps to destroy the Evil now about to bestride our nation with a sneer and with ringing vows to punish us—to destroy us—for being who we are? This is not enough? This is, what…only a few hotheads playing to the crowd? Oh, wait… If we get down and dirty with Evil, then don’t we become Evil? Good Lord!

We are more than willing to defend our families and our homes…yet, we seem ambivalent when it comes to fighting—with no quarter—to defend the future of our children and their children. I mean…maybe I misinterpret fifty years of reading what Americans share and don’t share. No, I don’t. As Americans, there will be no reconciling of what now divides us.

The best outcome—if we don’t retake our nation—is to slow their plans to impose on us The Great Reset in behalf of the New World Order.

Spoiler Alert: when I say “…impose on us The Great Reset in behalf of the New World Order”…what I mean is subjugating our nation to a designated role in a global “re-do” of Who’s Who run by—and for—an inner circle of elites personified by George Soros. This inner circle of global elites is who the voters for Joe Biden were voting for…and may you burn in hell. –

Oops! Was that my out-loud voice? Dang! Even so…what can people like me do about a “Biden” presidency that so proudly and so blithely gives the finger to 80 million (or more) Trump voters? Well, today’s 12-10-2020 and the 2021-2025 Chief Executive of the US remains undecided…but I think it will take a miraculous act of divine justice for Trump to prevail.

Note: my guess is…the 80 million (or more) who voted for Donald Trump can explain—in some depth—why they support him so strongly. Our motivation to support Trump—and vote him into a second term—is not because he’s the sugar daddy who’s going to reward us for voting for him by giving us entitlements we’ve never earned and don’t deserve. We voted for Trump because he’ll remove the tripwire regulations that keep us from making things, selling things, and doing things that people want.

Note: my other guess is…most of the 60 million (or so) who cast ballots for Sleepy Joe didn’t really vote for him, they voted against Trump…and next to none of them can explain why Donald Trump must be dragged out of the White House and hung (upside down) except that “everybody knows” what a deplorable racist he is. Everybody knows is their go-to source.

As far as treason, high crimes, and basic violations of law…the Deep State and the Democratic Party have set records that can’t be broken.

With regard to treason, high crimes, and basic violations of law…Bill Ayers didn’t write the book but he definitely wrote a chapter or two. He planted a bomb designed to murder or maim cops back in the early 1970s…and he was given a pass. In later life, Ayers reduced all that to this quip: “Free as a bird, guilty as hell.” Why hasn’t Bill Ayers been shot to death?

Bottom Line––I believe in taking “an eye for an eye”…but I also believe in upping the ante by adding a hand. Note: no mercy for the Left.

Jud Blakely grew up in Portland, OR but is a south Alabama boy by marriage. A Marine platoon leader in Vietnam, Jud writes columns and essays, shoots video, and designs websites. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1965…is a steadfast conservative…and a member of the Alabama Tea Party. Jud resides in Daphne.

Sullivan FINALLY Relents

Thread: Guess what just crawled out of the woodwork. After granting leave to file amicus briefs in the Flynn case to three different parties, Judge Sullivan has now dismissed the case. And that’s not all he’s done.

He has also issued three additional orders dismissing as moot the numerous motions that he never made decisions on.

This guy is a genuine piece of work. He could have issued a simple order dismissing the case and stating that any pending motions were therefore moot. But he elected to dismiss each and every motion as moot individually.

Not only that, but in his dismissal memorandum for the case, he chose to pontificate for 43! pages what his view of the case was. “Upon careful consideration” he’s doing this. Seriously. The President pardoned Flynn. In so doing, he stripped Sullivan of ALL his power.

Yet somehow, Sullivan felt it necessary to carefully consider all the ramifications before admitting he was powerless to change the outcome of the case. What a despicable egotist.

Then, after carefully considering his options and realizing he was in checkmate, he rambled on for 42 more pages reminiscing about his golden years putting Flynn through the ringer. There’s only one just outcome for such a pompous ass as Sullivan – impeachment.

FOUR times in this document he states that Flynn admitted to making false statements. He even brings in the FARA issues, despite the fact that Flynn was never charged with that, and the parallel case was thrown out by the judge as incredibly weak sauce.

He points out that he denied ALL of Flynn’s claims of Brady violations, even though those were admitted to by the DoJ! Then he launches a long soliloquy to convince anyone reading that courts actually have the power to refuse to dismiss a case under the circumstances of Flynn.

Basically, he’s arguing that judges DO have the power to ignore the Constitution when it pleases them to do so. For that alone, he should be removed from the bench.

The remainder is page upon page upon page of puffery and aggrandizement of the power of judges in our system. My suggestion to Sullivan would be – stick to the law you pompous ass.

Thus endeth a sordid affair in the annals of justice. May its tribe never increase.

Originally tweeted by Parler: @PaulSchmehl #ArrestSOMEBODY (@PaulSchmehl) on December 8, 2020.